V-Diet and Trying to Get Pregnant


some simple questions. my wife and i are about to start this diet right after christmas. my question is one we are trying to get pregnant. will this diet have any effect on her ability to get pregnant. also. also may be stupid question is everything that is in the diet, is it enough. ive never done a liquid diet, just seems weird to me drinking all meal when i love meat. thanks, any advise or tips would be great.


I wouldn’t suggest a female use the diet if she’s trying to get pregnant. It’s not that it would decrease chances; it’s that some of the products aren’t for use by pregnant women and she could conceivably get pregnant and not know it right away. See warning labels.

If you can successfully lose fat rapidly while maintaining or gaining muscle, and permanently get rid of cravings and poor dietary habits, and do it all conveniently, then perhaps you don’t need the V-Diet.