V-Diet and TRX

My squat rack and weights are buried among the mountain of boxes in my garage–moving soon and been packing things up. I’m on day 4 of the V-Diet and have been doing TRX workouts instead of the weight training. Any thoughts on this?

It depends on your experience level and your goals. TRX is fine replacement exercise for when you can’t reach a real gym, but not a long term tool for getting the kind of body most people want. And I doubt you can do the V-Diet workout on a TRX.

The V-Diet is doable with a TRX alone, but not ideal. You need heavy weight as some point to help you preserve muscle mass while dieting. Then again, if you haven’t been training at all recently, then anything is better than nothing and will stimulant change.

I’ve got about 2 years of powerlifting training. The TRX is not long term. It’s just something to stay active during this transition period. Thanks for the feedback.

One more question. Should I still do the Surge after these TRX sessions? Should I omit them? I usually consider the TRX sessions as HIIT.

Good question. If the TRX sessions are primarily HIIT, you could skip the post-workout Surge Recovery. But they’re pretty intense, maybe go with half a serving of Surge.

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