V-Diet and Training MMA?

Hello my name is Julius and i am very interested in the diet.
But i been training mix martial art for 4 year. but will my high cardio work hart me in this diet. I currently do contidioning for 1 hour, then i do bjj for hour, then kick boxing. just would like some help, i have done low carb diet, and fight at 205 but back at 265 ttry get back at 205. Thank you your time

I’d suggest a modified approach for a fighter who has to do a lot of conditioning work but wants to keep muscle mass and increase performance in his sport.

An outline for this plan would look something like this, but we can modify it to fit your needs:

  • During training sessions (conditioning, fight work, weights): 2-3 servings of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. Pre-load with one serving of Plazma before starting the training sessions. Sip another 1 or 2 servings during the sessions.

  • About every two to three hours during the rest of the day: Have one serving of <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10.

  • Evening solid meal: Eat a solid healthy meal every night.

This is a lot like the V-Diet in that it’s mostly a liquid plan that’s very convenient. The Mag-10 protein pulses replace the Metabolic Drive shakes, and Plazma replaces Surge Recovery since you need to be fueled up during training for performance and not just post-workout.

The solid meal at night will keep your energy levels high, and you can modify that meal based on your needs and goals. It should be healthy though: meat, veggies, a little starchy carb like rice or sweet potato. It’s not a cheat and should contain no wheat or liquid milk.

Option: A <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar about an hour before training will fuel you through it as well.

Let me know how this sounds, how many days you train per week, and what time of day typically and I’d be glad to help you modify this to fit your needs.

if am training to for a fight, but if not i will rest one extra day. i will train monday - friday, from 5:15 to 8pm. that include, coniditioning, bjj, and kickboxing. and saturday from 11am to 1pm. that include wrestling and kickboxing. sunday rest.

i dont know if i am training to much or not enough. but would like to try to this program.

I think you’d be able to keep that schedule, drop body fat quickly, and retain muscle with the plan outlined above. This is more suited for you than the regular V-Diet. For your long training sessions, I recommend the Finibar option before training or bump up the Plazma to 4 servings, 1 pre-training and 3 spread over the long training session.

thank, so i will just buy that, or do i add it to diet or where do i go on the site if i wanted to order it the why you quested to me.

just wanted to add let more info on my conditioning class, that it basically cross fitness. i dont know if that will help in anymore detail in trying to pic the best diet plan for me.

For Plazma, MAG-10, and Finibar, just head to the online <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store.

We have some discount packages and multi-unit discounts available there to save you a few bucks.

Here’s a schedule:

Wake up: Drink one servings of MAG-10. Then have another one every 2 hours or so until one hour before your training session begins. No other shakes or solid food needed.

One hour pre-training: Eat a Finibar.

15 minutes pre-training: Have one servings of Plazma to pre-load the bloodstream with nutrients.

During training: Have 2-3 more servings of Plazma, spread evenly. The training will drive the Plazma into working muscles. You should finish your last bit of Plazma right before the end of the session.

Have a healthy solid meal at night with protein, vegetables, and a little clean carb, like a side of rice or potato.

We can adjust this as you go if needed, but that’ll get you started.

Note that you’ll likely gain muscle too while losing fat, so don’t let that throw off scale weight perception. The goal here is to allow you to hit your target weight but with more muscle and less body fat than last time.

Thank you very much, and for how long should diet go for, should it be he same as 28 day program or 90 day?

I would just play it by ear and use it until your goal weight is reached. Or use it for 4 weeks then transition into eating more healthy solid food meals once the plan has peeled over the excess fat. 4 weeks is a good timeframe though.

Thank, just one question. How bottle of each will i need for aleast fir 4 week. Thank

It depends on how you use them, how often you train etc. You can view the label for each supplement at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store. Just click “label” and it will pop up and give you the number of servings per bottle, etc.

thank, for help. i will have to save to get what i need look like i will need 5 bottles of MAG-10 and maybe 2 plazma.
thanks alot.

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