V-Diet and Training Frequency

I am planning on starting the V-diet 1/9/17. I am currently training at a crossfit gym 5 days a week. Each training session normally consists of a strength portion then a conditioning portion. Would I be able to do 5 days a week and if so what adjustments would I have to make. I have no problem purchasing additional supplies.

People have swapped out the training before, instead of the suggested weight routine and V-Burn. As long as you fuel the workouts with Plazma (you’ll likely need to pick up another bag since you’re training more often) and get all your shakes and HSM in every day, you should be okay. You may or may not be able to cut back/drop the daily NEPA walks too, since you’re already doing some conditioning five days a week.

But play it by ear, in terms of adjustments based on the rate of fat loss and your performance in the gym. If you start losing strength and/or stop seeing the weekly progress in measurements, either try dialing back the training (intensity or volume) or slightly bump up the calories in the daily HSM to accommodate the more frequent training.

Thanks @Chris_Colucci

For my NEPA I was planning on doing the semi-fasted cardio early morning with Mag-10 just to give me a little boost in the fat loss and to help me get into the habit of getting my ass out of bed in the morning.

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