V-Diet and the Digestive System - Question



I’m new to this forum. By way of intro, I am 6’4", pushing 275. Generally healthy, with some mobility issues from old injuries. I will be 54 in three months, and over the next year, I want to get my weight back down to 225 or so…

Came across enthusiastic mention of the V-Diet in Dan John’s book “Never Let Go”. Since I value the man’s opinion, and based on what I have been reading here, I’ve decided to use the V-Diet to kick-off my personal weight loss program. Supplies are ordered, arrive early next week. Meanwhile, I’m prepping by already going very lean, protein shakes plus one good meal per day. I work out regularly, now starting to follow the V-Training program.

I’m excited about this program. I realize that it won’t always be easy, but that’s fine. Based on feedback here, I have one concern, and that is the effect of the diet on digestion, especially, uh, elimination.

It seems that several people have reported gut issues, which are alleviated by reducing the amount of flax intake. I’d like to hear how people have done or are doing in terms of BMs and regularity, and whether anyone has advice or recommendations in that regard.

Thanks in advance! -oliver


Most who report gut issues are not following the diet correctly. 9 times out 10 in those cases, they are not using the proper protein formula (Metabolic Drive) for their shakes, or they’re doing something really dumb, like using milk instead of water.

True, some are sensitive to flax seed (make sure to buy it milled as instructed, some don’t, again, user error). Always keep it and the nut butter in fridge as well to cool them fresh.

Those issues aside, gut issues are rare. Many poop less to be blunt, but that makes sense since less food is going in. Some prefer to cut the flax down to half and that’s fine if needed.