V-Diet and Texas

Chris, how does a FFB who is going to finish the VDiet and then fly to San Antonio the next day for a 9 day conference, survive?

I need to network with everyone so I can meet the people who will help me get my dream job (NHL Athletic Therapist). I want to enjoy the food (I love Mexican and BBQ) and avoid the all night drinking. I currently feel weird enough with my massive jug of Plazma at the gym, let alone being the guy in the corner of the bar drinking water.

While I’m there I need to be one of the guys (which means overweight with unhealthy habits) so they can see how great I am and that they should hire me in the next few years.

Club soda with a lime wedge…gets 'em every time…

Honestly? Screw other people and what they may or may not think. “Average” people suck. Stand out. Be proud. Be interesting.

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