V-Diet and Strength Maintenance?

Do I “have” to use the training program outlined (as far as the weightlifting goes)? Currently I use a Westside-style template. I thought of staying with it but stretching out the 4x week over two weeks. Also looking at 3x week 5-3-1 program as an alternative. I would leave the VBurn and NEPA stuff alone.

I am concerned about losing strength. I am very happy where I am now strength wise I just want to be lighter. I realize losing weight can affect that but don’t want to get completely away from the heavy stuff. I am starting the diet whenever my supps get here (prob. Tues or Wed).

The workouts are designed to elicit a metabolic training effect, so I wouldn’t fuck with them(they’re half of the program). Plus, the amount of protein and leucine on the diet is supposed to limit any strength/muscle mass loss. And finally, just look at is as a deload.

That’s what I think at least.

Also about the muscle loss, Chris says it best…

Do you really think T-Nation is going to put up a diet that you loose muscle?

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