V-Diet and Pulse Feast

Chris I did the V-Diet with great results , did the pulse feast with great results. Ive been reading other posts about a 2 week v-diet then one week of vdiet/hsms. Sorry if this question has been asked I tried looking for it. But what do think of a 2 week vdiet with 2 pulse days, then one pulse feast week obviously with a HSM and 2 pulse fasts that week too?

Also was wondering about eating in the morning then pulse the rest of the day or even possibly a lunch (HSM of course) in between the two mega pulses just to switch things up here & there?What about alternating every 2 weeks V-Diet/pulse feast.Can I do this into a hypertrophy phase with Indigo3 and possibly micro-PA when it is released?

I personally don’t like the Pulse Feast all that much. I’d rather do an “all-shake” day, a V-Diet “Lite” type of day where you have a few shakes then a solid healthy meal, or a full-on Pulse Fast (all Mag-10 pulses for one day, then normal healthy eating the rest of the week.) The “feast” variation of CT’s was the hardest for me, and since all of these strategies have been around for a couple of years, I can see the feast version being least successful or at least a little problematic (eating too much, creating bingeing habits etc.)

Now, as for having the solid meal at a time other than dinner, that can work, but most people tend to be more satisfied and sleep better if that solid meal is dinner.

When you’re on Indigo-3G you need more food and more carbs. V-Diet is for rapid fat loss and is too low in carbs. It’s also meant to be a short-term “dietary rehab” where you break some bad habits, develop better ones, and lose some fat quickly, then move on to a more normal eating plan. For hypertrophy, sure, have a shake here and there, but you want a more traditional plan: multiple meals and most importantly, plenty of quality workout nutrition, like Plazma before and during workouts, then Mag-10 after. (Surge is fine for the V-Diet, but it has been far surpassed by Plazma.)

Thanks! Would you still suggest the 2 pulse fasts during the 2 week V-Diet ? Also I just love MAG-10 and was wondering what different would happen if you substituted Metabolic Drive with MAG-10? The pulse feast worked awesome for me , is it possible to feast on Indigo-3G so long as you hit your numbers.

Also however I see how the pulse feast can create a nasty habit of scarfing down food especially when you go off the feast and go back to regular eating. The rule about eating and pulsing is the 2.5 hours right ? I plan on cutting then onto straight Indigo-3G/MAG-10/Plazma. Im just confused as to where to plan meals around the pulses.

Also I saw this in another thread but didn’t understand which was better on 1dose to take Indigo-3G before peri-workout (MAG-10/Plazma) or meal time ?

  1. It’s pretty extreme but it can be done.

  2. Not enough calories, not a good sub.

  3. Indigo-3G repairs the underlying problems that make fasts etc. necessary. I honestly think that with Indigo-3G there’s never a need for any extreme diet.

  4. Roughly 3 hours, though Mag-10 will “get in you” even if you have it with a meal.

  5. Always before peri-workout. Most important dose.

Thanks again , sorry you had to repeat number 3 again.

For # 2: Definitely too low in calories to sub all your shakes with MAG-10, but last vdiet I sub’d in MAG-10 for 2 shakes per day (not the breakfast or dinner shake) and had great results - plus the taste of the MAG-10 over the shakes isn’t even a contest…sooooooo goood!! (then again the only way I can handle the normal mdrive shakes is to hold my nose and chug - but I’ve never been able to stomach the taste of any normal protein shake. MAG-10 on the other hand… I drink it like it’s my job! Lime FTMFW!)

Im confused MAG-10 (127) has more calories then Metabolic Drive (110) ? After reading today’s article is the pulse feast considered intermittent fasting?

The Pulse Feast has several feedings per day (some liquid “pulses”, some solid food) so it’s not technically IF. Then again, many forms of IF aren’t IF either, they just use the name.

One scoop of Metabolic Drive has fewer calories than a serving of Mag-10, but they are two very different supplements, and when used as a meal replacement shake, most people use two serving of Metabolic Drive.

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