V-Diet and Pulse Fasts


Being fat is no fun, especially when others think that you aren’t because they just can’t see the fat you’re carrying. That’s my issue and something I want to change. My whole life I’ve been fat and after high school I decided to get fatter…like 250lbs fat.

Over the course of a year I managed to drop down to about 190lbs and have hovered around that weight ever since. My first V-Diet attempt allowed me to drop down to 180lbs. Since then I have gained some weight (intentionally) because I haven’t been lifting weights for about 2 years till about 6 months ago due to a shoulder issue - couldn’t even bench over 95lbs! It just felt really fun to get back under a barbell, kick some ass, and then eat like an animal.

My first Velocity Diet attempt failed…miserably which is why I only lost 8lbs. I cheated constantly and drank a lot of alcohol everyday.

However, this time around things are going much differently. This time is different, this time I’m serious. The pic is a before (left) and after (right), sorry for the different lighting as the before pic was taken at 5am with my phone. Both pics were taken under the same scenario though, just woke up…no liquids or shakes consumed.

BEFORE - DAY 1 3/21/11
Weight: 189lbs
Navel: 34"
Biceps: L-14.75" R-14.75"
Thigh: L-24.25" R-24.5"
Shoulders: 21"
Chest: 41"

AFTER - DAY 7 3/27/11
Weight: 179lbs
Navel: 33"
Biceps: L-14.5" R-14.5"
Thigh: L-24" R-24"
Shoulders: 21"
Chest" 40.5"

Like a dumbass I kind of stumbled into V-Diet round 2 quite disorganized, although I did have all my supplements in order and ready to go. So no measurements were taken because I couldn’t find the damn tape measure to save my life till Day 4 3/24/11.

Of course there could be variations due to error however the only measurements I care about are the Navel and Weight at the moment. I didn’t have time to get the list of all the measurements but no sense crying over spilt milk.

Summary - 10lbs and 1" lost in 1 week or 7 days. I’m happy with that. In the pics the lighting is different but there’s a noticeably difference in the upper and lower abs. My lower ab fat has always, always been an issue with me. So that’s the area I’m focusing on when I look in the mirror.

In following posts I’ll provide a quick breakdown of things that happened during the days.


Here’s the front shot…I had to crop out the upper chest/shoulders. Got a tattoo with a name I’d like to keep private.

I’ll be back later to post a bit more, time to go make breakfast for my daughter.


Keep us posted!

“Going public” will help you stay on track, though it sounds like you already have the right mindset this time around.


congrats on the 10 pounds (so far!) looking forward to hearing more as you progress.


This post will go into some detail about the approach that I am taking with Nutrition and Training in my Velocity Diet round 2. It’s a bit different than the standard V-Diet 3.0 protocol however I have tried to keep things in-line with my “regular” routines so that transitioning off will be seamless - or at least that’s the goal.

WARNING - Long Post Ahead

Let’s start here since this seems to be the cornerstone of the program. The current protocol calls for shakes divided into 6 meals throughout the day. I see nothing wrong with this as it may work for some however for the last 12+ weeks or so I have been following the LeanGains eating protocol of 16/8 where we fast for 16 hours, and have an 8 hour window of eating.

So, I will aim for the same amount of calories and nutrient breakdown. I say “aim” because my training routine is different and will require more supplements than called for which will inevitably alter calorie intake.


  • Calorie and nutrient intake is roughly the same as standard V-Diet 3.0 protocol.
  • Everyday is based on the 16/8 fast/feed principles outlined from Martin @ LeanGains
  • Pulse Fasts every Monday and Thursday
  • Extra supplementation to meet training demands - Anaconda and extra MAG-10

I’m no expert in training methods/terms so forgive me if I come off inaccurate. The standard protocol appears to be a strength circuit designed to maintain muscle mass, and even possibly gain some mass. I see/saw nothing wrong with this other than I have been doing something similar for almost 2 years straight and I was just down right sick and bored of it.

So I adopted the HPMass training principles about 12 weeks ago to change things up. I made very quick strength gains on a regular diet with minimal increase in fat around my waist. I like the program so much I just don’t want to stop.

So…I’m going to continue with HPMass training template so when round 2 is over I can gauge whether I gained/lost strength. From what I hear strength gains/losses are a good indicator of muscle mass lost during a dieting phase. I didn’t want to switch programs for this V-Diet for the above reasons. This is where the extra Anaconda and MAG-10 comes into play.

Right now I workout as follows:

Monday & Tuesday - Upper Body Pressing (Fat Loss Complex on Tuesday)
Wednesday - Neural Charge Workouts
Thursday & Friday - Lower Body Pressing
Saturday - Lats & Bi’s
Sunday - Neural Charge

Eccentric-less training takes place on any and all days that I have extra time. Whether it be 1 hour, half an hour, or even 20 minutes…I try to get as much in as possible. For these workouts I use my prowler style sled. I just can’t imagine life without it anymore, it’s a great tool that I think everyone should have - or at least a dragging sled w/harnest.

NEPA - Ahhh…good old NEPA…haven’t been doing it - gulp. I know this is supposed to be easy and also a big part of the diet however I just don’t have time in the mornings due to family obligations etc. etc. etc. In the mornings I have to stretch my shoulder (shoulder capsulitis issue) so in between my stretching sets I will normally do jumping jacks and mountain climbers to get my heart going but making sure no metabolic fatigue occurs.

Something else I’ve been doing to get more NEPA is during the day I walk up 3-4 flights of stairs throughout the day at work. For me 3-4 flights get my heart pumping, but also avoids fatigue.

The HPMass workouts get longer as the weeks progress so that is a challenge as well trying to manage my family time and training.


  • Currently training using the HPMass template as presented, or as time permits
  • Traditional NEPA walks escape me, so I make up for it in other means, and also added Eccentric-less training
  • Fat Loss Complex is thrown in 1x a week, usually on Tuesday

Well, that’s about it when it comes down to Nutrition and Training on round 2 of my Velocity Diet.


Here’s a pic of my prowler style sled. I had this built locally for $320 including an extra set of ski’s. Because this was custom built and all that it’s not totally perfect however stack some plates on and it functions like a dream. Best thing I bought in years!

If I were to get this shipped from EliteFTS I’d probably pay closer to $1000 including shipping. I pack this up in the trunk of my car and drive it down to the park for use.


I’ve been really strapped for time lately going into week 3 of my V-Diet with Pulse Fasts. Lately it’s been get up early, go to work, go to class after work, study, study, study…

Sleep has been lacking, I’m used to getting about 7 hours a night and now am down to 5-6. NEPA time is basically unable to be found so it gets mixed in during my work day and mornings like usual.

Week 2 of V-Diet was surprisingly easy as well. Looking back at my notes things just sailed along without much hunger or other issues on shake days and pulse fast days.

Week 2 stats

Weight: 177lbs
Navel: 32.5"
No change in other measurements - or errors during measurements

I really need some damn myo-tape or other retractable measuring tape. Mine broke and using regular measuring tape is a pain in the ass. Especially since my gf isn’t very excited to measure for some reason.

My HSM this week was organic whole chicken, broken down and marinated in a new korean bbq chicken recipe I wanted to try. Roasted it on the grill outside and it came out pretty good, not like how I imagined but good. I forgot to take pics as I normally get so hungry I just can’t or won’t wait for pics.

I’m quite disappointed in only 2lbs dropped since week 1 was cool to lose 10lbs. My guess from forum research is that the first 10lbs was bloat/water and now the next lbs to leave should be more fat. I read that you normally drop the bloat first, then fat follows…I hope that’s the case.

The pics are lighted in really bright sunlight, my living room is all windows so the definition isn’t showing well. In week 2 I am finally beginning to see some abs show up on top, this may be the first time in 15 years, probably my whole life.


In my side progress pic I personally don’t see much change other than where my stomach hangs at the bottom. To me it looks like it shrunk just a bit where my shorts meets fat…hopefully.

Reminds me of a LiveSpill I read where your diet is good, your training is good however it just doesn’t look like there’s much going on on the outside but on the inside there’s a lot happening. I hope that’s the case for me!

Hopefully from next week forward I shall be updating regularly and on-time. Right now I’m a week behind on updates due to my schedule which is why I don’t post much.

This weekend I hope to make the trip to 24hour fitness and get a membership, this will help me get my workouts done. Right now I train right after work at 5pm and with my classes right after work things are lagging.

So my plan is to move my training to 5am - 6:45am so I’ll need a gym memberhsip for that to happen. Right now I slug it out in the garage which is OK but I’m missing some equipment that I also believe is holding back some progress. I’m just nervous of actually having to train at a gym…with other people…hopefully training early will allow me be somewhat alone. Guess I’m worried about all the horror stories I read on these forums.

Training Game Plan - HP Mass
5am - 6:45am Primary Pressing
12:00 - 12:30pm Eccentric Less Work
5:00pm - 5:45pm Secondary Pressing

Still working out how I’ll do the shakes/nutrition part. I have a pretty solid idea just the details are still swirling around. Since I’m consuming shakes LeanGains style I’ll probably consume the 1st shake(s) at 12:30pm after Eccentric Less work. I may just do MAG-10 pulses every two hours till 12:30 or I may pick up some BCAA’s - which ever is less cost prohibitive. I also have a 3lb bag of PeptoPro CH so I may just use that to pulse for the last two weeks of my V-Diet with Pulse Fasts.

I also obtained a pick up truck so I can now load my sled and weights and go to work! I work near a beach park and another park so it’s really just a 10 min drive during my lunch break to an appropriate area. I could also do the Eccentric Less work in my parking structure (it’s kinda ghetto), just hope security doesn’t get pissed since they’re all nice to me. I can see this all working out, just making it happen will be the challenge, as always.


Last week was a very interesting and different week for me. My Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights have been really busy. I basically woke up at 4:30am to get ready for the gym and it was a challenge everyday. Usually only getting 4-5, sometimes 6 hours of sleep if I was lucky. It’s my first time working out in a commercial gym last week so getting everything together was a pain.

Not really sure what to take, how much of what, did I forget this or that, etc. It was pretty stressful trying to do everything on time, get to everywhere on time, and do it all over again. A few times during last week I thought it too tough since I was always tired however I got in my 5 workouts, and even went to the gym on Saturday with the girlfriend for an hour of treadmill walking.

My performance in the gym was good despite the short sleep and stress, I surprised myself in fact.

I didn’t take a pic, or measure on Sunday morning - I basically woke up, jumped on the scale, changed my clothes and had to run out the door.

Weight: 175lbs

I was afraid my stall in weight loss last week would continue however I dropped a couple pounds it appears.