V-Diet and P90X3?

Any way I can work a shake diet or a modified on into a month while I am doing P90X3? I’m on week 7 now of the 12 week workout program.
I finished a half ironman 70.3 in June and have been gaining a pound a week since and am up around 10 lbs since the finish. I haven’t had any sweets since, but my appetite hasn’t readjusted yet and I could use a reset.

I am only concerned that I will bonk because of the intensity of the P90 workouts. They are only 30 minutes long and most of them feel like a V-Diet challenge; just a bit more intense and more variety.

What say you>?

That should be fine, though overall you need to lift heavy weights. P90X type programs will never build muscle the way real weights will. They’re just metcon. You need to build muscle and repair your cardio-damaged metabolism, and those type of plans aren’t ideal.

Also, make you don’t have full-blown metabolic damage:

I don’t think that metabolic damage is the issue right now. It could have been years back; but not as I sit here today.

Measurements wise I am the same weight I was a year ago, but have an extra half an inch on my biceps, a inch less on my waist and an additional 2 inches on my chest.

Its slow progress, but still progress. I like the idea of dropping weight quickly and how I feel on the v-diet, but what I might need to do is find a way to stop eating processed foods and start working on planning meals for the entire week.

I think its what and when I eat that is the problem. It is time I start there and work on that. I don’t think the v-diet is going to do me much good long term as I have done this a few times before and aside from feeling great while I am on the diet, I always end up back where I started with small changes in my physique six months down the road.

As someone who has been through the P90X programs multiple times, the V-Diet, and multiple workout programs on this website over the past few years, from my experience the best thing I did for my training was get out of my living room and into the gym, started cooking/preparing all my meals, eating clean and lifting heavy. As Chris said, the P90X workouts are mostly metabolic and conditioning due to their hi rep/low rest nature, but you’ll peak eventually and stop making progress.

There’s only so far body weight exercises and 50lb dumbbells will take you. They feel grueling and can add some definition for sure (if your nutrition is in line,) but from my experience at least I do not think the P90X workouts make good long-term programs.

The V-Diet workouts are not at all similar to the P90X workouts, possibly with the exception of the V-Challenge, but there’s a reason that the V-Challenge is only once per week. It’s a metabolic boosting, fat torching workout, ensuring you’ll melt the fat off to get the definition you desire. But, the rest of the workouts are weight training centered, having you perform the set until form and tempo start suffering, so definitely not to failure. That’s the beauty of using the V-Diet with the V-Workouts, they’re a perfect match. Have you tried doing them together previously?

Maybe consider Chris’ suggestion of metabolic damage more seriously; 7 weeks of high intensity P90X workouts combined with improper nutrition, (also not sure what your sleep schedule is like), could very well be putting you on that road.

If you “always end up back where you started,” you clearly need to change something about your habits. You are headed down the right path with working on your nutrition, as you said, you need to “find a way to stop eating processed foods and start working on preparing your meals.” That’s a serious life style change, and also essential if you want real progress. If you’re motivated enough, you’ll do it and never stop.

You say you have “small changes” in your physique, if you want BIG changes in your physique, get into the gym and start lifting heavy. There are a ton of fantastic programs on here. CT’s Indigo-Hypertrphy workout was the first program I used in the gym and it was the perfect program to build foundational strength on the big lifts and get serious muscle growth, once you start you’ll never look back. Good luck!

Chris, your metabolic slowdown link-direction just saved my bloody life. Buddy thanks, thanks, and THANKS for pointing that out. I was a classic case of “Law of Metabolic Compensation”. I will now rise from the ashes, starting with your V-Diet/workout.

Damn, its great to read stuff from experts.


Glad to help, Bill. That’s an easy trap to fall into!

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