V-Diet and Metabolism

Sorry if it was already post here.

I talked to my fitness coach yesterday, telling him about the V-Diet, and he told me that V-diet is not a good idea for me because it would slow down my metabolism. I don’t think it’s true…but i’m curious about this one. Will it really slow my metabolisme for the futur?

Sorry if my english is not so good, i’m french here and I got a very hard time writing in english.

Thank you

This coach has clearly never read anything about the V-Diet. There are multiple mechanisms in place to keep metabolism going strong and even increase it, if it’s followed correctly as written.

Thanks Chris!

What would slow down metabolism if the diet wasn’t done correctly?
That might be important to mention i guess. things not to do.
I am following to the letter, but just curious :slight_smile:

Too few calories, crappy substitute supplements that are the same as Biotest, skipping the HSM, long-distance running / too much cardio, etc.

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