V-Diet and Medication


Chris, thanks for all the hard work you have put into this diet and into this help section. I am on day 17 of the diet. Most of my life has been spent very lean and muscular. And I have always worked out and played basketball.

I went through and am still to a heavy degree going through a terrible life-long issue with insomnia. I have tried every sleep medication and also secondary meds. for sleep. Only one drug works for me and it is called Seroquel.

During the diet, I have been able to cut my dose by 50% with surprising success. The bad news is that this med. has a awful side-effect that causes weight gain. Doctors swear it just increases the need to eat a lot but I have a strong concern that it slows the metabolism because even as I worked out, I gained all this weight.

So far my results have been good! Lost about 11 lbs. and my body is going back to its normal weight of 170 lbs. (at 6 foot 1) from an insane run to 202 lbs. I’m working so hard but I’m concerned that once I’m off the drug, the weight side-effects will be back.

I can’t express enough that this is the only drug that works for me. I tried to stop and stayed awake and alert for 52 hours. I guess the bottom line is do you know any of the interactions for Seroquel and other drugs in its class? I’m terrified that once I finish the diet, I will creep back up in weight. the other side is that I cannot allow myself to sleep for 1 hour a night either.

Any help to this complicated and rambling question would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, I have no way of knowing about every drug and possible supplement/diet interaction. You can read the warning labels on the products though and see if that provides any info. And ask your doc of course.

Have you ever tried Z12? Does the trick for many who have tried everything.

All that said, your fat loss so far is very good, even with the meds. 11 pounds in 17 days is nothing to sneeze at.


I’m now on Day 27! This diet and life change has been amazing. I have gotten benefits in many more ways than just the physical. Mentally, my workouts have become far less of a hassle and I am way more disciplined than perhaps ever before. I began the diet at just a few lbs. from 200 lbs and am now 178 lbs. I have also lost multiple inches from my waist and replaced fat lbs. with lean muscle. My 8-pack is back. (I’m 6’1’ by the way)

This investment in money, time and general sacrifice has paid off for me in a huge way! I will continue to use the V-Diet products! Thanks to all associated with the V-Diet! P.S. When I drew close to 200 lbs., I was beyond angry at myself. I had allowed myself to check out for long enough to do damage to my body and overall health. The point is that I think one really needs, at least, some internal anger to make this diet truly work. Thanks again. James


Awesome work, James! Thanks for the report!