V-Diet and MAG-10 Pulses


Hey Chris,
How would you feel about still doing a pulse before bed. Before I started the V-diet I was doing that and I just woke up feeling more recovered and leaner. Which is great for my morning workouts. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a no no but the extra cals might make a difference. I figure they are such productive calories it might be worth the bump.



Yes, that would be fine. If I were to re-write the V-Diet, I’d add MAG-10 pulses.


Beautiful! Thanks man. Btw I made the coconut flour pizza crust for my HSM. Buffalo chicken, turkey bacon, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, black olives, and franks red hot. That crust is actually amazing. Super easy to make too!


Awesome. That combo sounds great!


Chris-I just signed up for the V-Diet (placed my order today). I ordered creatine and Se7en as well. I just logged on to check out the posts and came across this one. Are you suggesting that you would add MAG-10 to the diet or would you use this instead of Metabolic Drive?

I was a runner up until 4months ago and went on the injured list due to lack of stretching and no muscle building. So, my wine increased in replacement of running…not the best choice, I know. I am back to ground zero. My goals are to build muscle, drop fat (and alcohol) and feel good.

Let me know your recommendations as I may need to make an order change.


No. You cannot do a V-Diet with MAG-10 alone. But I might add a day of Pulse Fasting (see archives) to start and end the V-Diet if rewriting.

But the V-Diet works very well all on its own, as written.