V-Diet and Leucine

Just started V-Diet today, going great so far but I have one problem… THe diet says to include a scoop of Biotest leucine in most of the shakes, but that wasn’t included in the package I recieved… What do I do? Will this affect my results if I don’t have what is necessary?

Leucine is no longer part of the V-Diet plan. It’s just an option now (most people don’t need it) and you weren’t charged for it in the package, though it’s still listed in part of the plan. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you. Just out of curiosity, what are the affects of leucine compared to the Metabolic Drive that is already included?

Leucine was added temporarily to calm them fears of very muscular individuals (competitive bodybuilder types) who were worried about losing muscle. It really wasn’t a worry - the plan, the other supplements etc, already have this covered, so we took it out. Muscle loss wasn’t a problem and most people aren’t 250 pound bodybuilders with 12% body fat anyway. Brought the price of the V-Diet down too.

Its the only part of the diet that tasted particularly awful anyway, so you’ll probably enjoy it more without!

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