V-Diet and Lactose Bloat

Hey Chris,

I’m on my transition week after a successful V-Diet. During those 4 weeks I lost 15lb had recently gained. I also didn’t lose any strength so results were amazing numbers-wise. However, I do feel somewhat puffy for my current weight. Normally at this weight I should look sharper.

The logical explanation would be a different body composition at the same weight but I don’t think this is the case since my strength levels are actually high for me in this weight and I don’t feel less muscular (if that makes sense). so the question is, could this softness have something to do with the shakes producing some lactose-related bloating? If so, how long does it normally take for this o go away?

Thanks for your answers, support and for putting together tis awesome program.

Well, there are people who are full-on lactose intolerant who can handle Metabolic Drive, so it may not be lactose issue. Hard to say. There’s only 1g of sugar in a serving of Metabolic Drive, and I’m not even sure if that’s entirely from lactose.

“Bloat” can be a weird thing, caused by numerous factors. Hydration level, sleep issues, wheat in an HSM, sodium issues, etc. Usually things just regulate on their own, without us knowing entirely why. A big glass of water before bed may be all that’s needed to do the trick.

Yeah, bloat is indeed very weird. I`m very prone to it and it varies the way I look dramatically. I look a lot leaner in the morning compared to what I look like in the evening.

So I guess lactose is likely not the cause. I didn’t have any wheat in my HSM’s so that’s not it either. I tend to drink little water most days because very rarely do I feel thirsty, even after exercise, and I tend to forget to drink water, so I guess that could be playing a role in fluid retention. I will try drink in more water throughout the day and a glass before bed, as you suggested, and see if it improves.

Thanks for the help!

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