V-Diet and Jiu-Jitsu

I have some questions regarding the V-Diet and how it would work with Jiu-Jitsu and Muay-Thai. I’ve been stagnant for a little over a year. I had a child and went from barely training to not training at all. In the time away from training i’ve put on about 25 lbs and my cardio is terrible. I just recently (3 weeks) started training again and was wondering if any other members have used this diet to cut while training.

Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. And I apologize in advance for my grammar

Here’s the generic response from the FAQ:

Q: Can I participate in sports or other physical hobbies while on the V-Diet?

A: For best results, spend your time on the V-Diet focused intensely on the V-Diet. Don?t spread yourself too thin. You want to have plenty of energy to spend on the V-Diet workouts.

Intense activities and sports are best avoided while on the V-Diet. Less intense hobbies, say, a bike ride or light hike with the family, are fine, and you may skip the NEPA walk on those days.

Thank you i’ll look into another diet

Yeah bro, I train once a week on the Vdiet…thats it though doing jits and mma…anything more then that is too much.

Would the V-Diet Lite would be a better option for this type of training? i.e. mostly conditioning and technique training. Would one still need to lift weights in order to burn the fat faster on the Lite diet?

Yeah I’ve used it while training 2-3 times per week plus weights and I was fine. The first week was a bit hard and I got a little light headed from time to time but after the first week it was awesome and I felt like I had stacks more energy.

If you are only slightly overweight then I’d probably stick to Chris’s advice, but I had about 20-30lbs to lose and it was fine. Lost 1kg of muscle and about 12kg of fat in 6 weeks.

This thread was my question too. I would think just upping the calories a bit on traing days would sufice.

I did a diet similar to this a few years ago and I added a recovery drink to the days of hard training and it worked well. Now I wasn’t doing any 1rm squating or 1 mile sprints but I was able to keep up with a reasonable effort at the gym.

Sat was day 1 for me. I did a 3 hr open mat. It went well . I was sipping Surge the whole time. But i felt good…
This week my gym is closed for 2 of my normal sessions so it works out well.

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