V-Diet and IBS?

Hi, I’m thinking of starting V-diet.

I’m 21 and suffer from IBS and the thought of the large amount of fiber and an almost-liquid diet is making me re-consider the diet.
I’ve read about bloating, gases and upset stomach.

Has anyone with similar diseases such as IBS done the V-diet?

Thanks :smiley:

My wife has IBS, and the V-Diet actually helped her feel better. Her GI doctor told her to try a large dose of insoluble fiber (ie. metamucil) with lots of water in the morning and at night to control the IBS. That method worked pretty well for her, and I think all the additional fiber from the flax on the V-Diet helped even more. She seems to do better with that kind of fiber as opposed to whole-food sources (broccoli, etc.)

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