V-Diet and Firefighting


Chris, myself and 3 other guys at my fire station are starting the V-Diet on Monday. We had a pretty big fire a few shifts ago, and the question came up what would happen if that happened while we were dieting. Could we drink another Surge, maybe a gatoraide or something. This is the fire season and this is a serious issue as far as fire operations go, as they are very intense physically. Thanks in advance for your answer.


If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’re asking if you need more carbs if a physically intense session of firefighting occurred.

If so, then the answer is not really. People assume they need far more carbs than they actually do. And while dropping below 20g daily may affect your energy and cognition levels, the V-Diet levels of carbs are above that, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Now, one thing I would do if updating the V-Diet is I would have a Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula shake for breakfast every day instead of MD Low-Carb. That little extra hit of carbs and fiber should really fuel you up for the day.

I would avoid drinking Gatorade unless you were at a fire, severely at risk of dehydrating, etc.

Now, if things get so intense that you guys seriously feel the need for extra fueling, then try one scoop of Surge Recovery when needed and delete one scoop of Metabolic Drive from the daily intake.

Keep me posted!


I have a little bag I throw in the rig at the start of each shift, with some homemade bars and a bit of fruit, just in case. Better than the McDonald’s they give us.