V-Diet and Fiber


On Day 4 of V Diet and hunger has been pretty controlled at this point. Looking for advice in terms of a fiber supplement. I read that a Metamucil type of fiber supplement tends to make people bloated. Seems like Inulin is the way to go. Already having issues with inability to go #2. Probably need more veggies, other than spinach also.


For sure, veggies in the HSM can be a huge benefit. One of my go-to’s is any kind of simple Normandy blend since it usually has broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots together. Grab a big handful or two, boom, done. You can also make sure you’re getting some fiber from your carb source, like skin-on potatoes instead of white rice or whatever.

I haven’t heard any problems with Metamucil, but Benfiber or any of those types of mixes can be fine. Ground flax seed used to be part of the V-Diet for fiber and healthy fats but I believe it was dropped because the HSM was only once a week. You may be able to throw a tablespoon into a shake or two if necessary.


Thanks Chris. Looking forward to Day 28 :grin: