V-Diet and Dark Eye Bags?

I am on my 11th day into the Velocity Diet. Getting awesome results. I am having 6 protein shakes per day supplemented with a fibre supplement and flaxseeds. I am training 6 days per week as well (split). A few days into the died I started to develop some bad bags / dark circles under my eyes.

It looks as though I am really sleep deprived but I have been sleeping 8-9 hours every day so its not from a lack of sleep. Has anybody else had their eyes puff up and get baggy on a change of diet? Or is it just a coincidence?

Never heard of that before. Coincidence most likely.

BTW, why are you training 6 days a week of you’re on the V-Diet? Are you not following the V-Diet training program? What else have you changed? Are you using the correct supplements?

I am training 6 times per week because the last time I went on the v-diet (this is my 3rd time over the space of 3 years doing the v-diet) I lost way too much muscle and my strength dissapeared if anything else. I am following a split program ( Day1: Chest triceps, Day2: Back biceps, Day3: Legs, Day4: Shoulders Day5: Off ). I am lifting heavy to try to preserve muscle, between 5-8 reps for all sets and doing 3-5 sets for each exercise and 4 exercises per day.
example : Chest and triceps would be : Flat bench 5x5-8, Incline Bench 5x5-8, Dips 4 to failure @ bodyweight, skullcrushers or close grip bench 5x10-12 (a bit lighter on the final exercise).
As a result of this I am finding that I am holding my strength much better that I did during my last v-diet.

As for the diet side of things…

My protein shakes that I am having are regular whey isolates which I mix with water. With each of the 6 shakes that I have during the day I take a fibre supplement (which gives me ~10g of fibre per shake, so that x6 for the daily total), I am also having a tablespoon of flaxseed with each shake as well.

I am getting great results and my energy levels are fine. I am having no trouble sticking with the diet (the fact that it is my 3rd time on it may be helping), the only concern I have is that my eyes have gotten puffy like I have not been sleeping… I am not taking any drugs (recreational nor bodybuilding related) and I am getting plenty of sleep so It is really confusing. My eyes started getting puffy a few days into the diet. I will have to go to my GP and get a blood test done.

You are not in any shape or form doing the V-Diet. So please do not get on here and report eye bags, muscle loss, etc. This forum is reserved for those on the V-Diet plan.

Ok well I originally posted my thread in the beginners section and it was moved to the v-diet. I am not here to diss the program, I am getting excellent results with what I am doing atm. I am here to seek advice for what I beleive may be a symptom of my diet and/or training program. My understanding is that the idea of the V-Diet was basically replacing all meals with protein shakes (and supplement with good fats, fibre and BCAA) and having 1 healthy solid meal per week whilst following a training program, which is what I am doing. If I am mistaken then ok I am not on the V-Diet but the reason why I am here is to ask if anybody has had any similar symptoms as a result of their diet or training. I am sorry if I have misinterperated what the V-Diet was about.

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