V-Diet and Dan John's Mass Made Simple

Anyone see a problem with using the Mass made simple protocol for the strength/lifting days?

Probably not the best combo. Training program for pure mass, diet for pure fat loss? I don’t suggest it. I don’t think Dan would either. It would work with his 10,000 Kettlebell Swing workouts though.

Would you recommend/advice against the use of WS4SB (3)? I have been using it to good effect and would not want to stop using it just yet, although Fat Loss being my current goal I would change if advised.

(not highjacking thread, just thought it relates)

Pairing any pure strength based program with a strict fat-loss based diet isn’t the best plan. Pick a goal. Doesn’t mean you have to get fat to build strength or muscle, but being on a very low calorie, lower carb plan isn’t going to give you the strength/hypertrophy results you want.


If I were to follow the 10k swing workout, would i just sub the 500 swings on the lifting days or would you recommend following the swing protocol all together, doing 2 days on one days of for 20 sessions? Also would that negate the V burn challenge as well since the 10k is designed as a stand alone protocol?

When using any workout plan, it’s best not to mix and match it with another workout plan. So if you use the 10K plan, follow it only. My only suggestion is to add the NEPA walks if there any off days on the 10K plan (I haven’t read that plan in a while, not sure how it’s set up and no time to go look as I’m about to catch a flight.)

Thanks again for the reply. I appreciate your help.

Just came across the V-Diet. I want to start ASAP. I only have kettlebells and a 20lb sledge to train with as I work on site in oil fields. Is there a workout that you could reccomend since I don’t have access to a weight room ? Thanks, Kelly

Any good kettlebell based plan should do the trick: swings, goblet squats, added loaded carries, presses, etc. Just run a search here on T Nation. We have tons of articles on various KB exercises and setups.

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