V-Diet and Crossfit?

I have a membership to a Crossfit gym and really don’t want it to go to waste. Can I substitue Crossfit workouts for the weight training?

This depends largely on how the box is coached and run. The V-Diet is fine for CrossFit if the box is modernized and does more than the WOD of the day or too much pure cardio.

Thank you for the response. This particular box spends 10 minutes warming up and stretching, 30 minutes on strength training (olympic lifts mostly, but occasionally body weight exercises) and then the WOD, which almost always incorporates olympic lifts with cardio.

My concern was that perhaps the weight routine provided on this website needed to be followed precisely in order to achieve maximum results.

No, there are other plans that can work. What we want to avoid are purely cardio-based plans without much lifting. Sounds like your CrossFit box does a good job.

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