V-diet and Creatine, Superfood

I’ll be starting the Velocity diet again (did it in November of 2006) on Wednesday since Fed-Ex is delivering my things on Tuesday but I had a couple of questions.

I notice that Chris lists creatine and Superfood in the list of supplements on the sticky but never really talks about them (that I could find). I’ve been taking creatine over the last 6 months so should I continue taking it or drop it? To be honest, I’m not completely positive it does anything for me but I take it anyway because it’s only $12 for the stuff on here so why not.

And what about Superfood? I love the taste of that stuff mixed in plain yogurt so I imagine it would be delicious with vanilla Metabolic Drive as well.

So taking Superfood won’t affect my diet? The label doesn’t list any calories but would I take 1 serving a day or 2? And this might be totally unwarranted but I want to make sure that eating Superfood won’t affect the craving for vegetables that I hope to obtain.

Thanks for the help and I’ll post all my pertinent information and pics tomorrow after I take my measurements.


Keep taking the creatine in my opinion.

What i do with Superfood… i take 1 scoop after my workouts with the rest of my peri/post workout shake. It’s a time period that is really ideal to take a heavy dose of antioxidants.

i may take a scoop mixed in a bottle of water or shake on off days too.

i just don’t get crazy with the stuff. you’re supposed to take a multi, so taking a scoop or two a day won’t hurt.

i really don’t think taking it will affect your cravings for vegetables. superfood doesn’t really tastes like vegetables, more like a sour bitter strawberry tea like flavour in my opinion.

the whole craving for vegetables stems from psychological reasoning, when you’re actually chewing up veggies once a week, they begin to taste good . this is the reason why eating crap food once a week is highly shunned. why put bad food on a pedastool when the whole point of the diet is to do the opposite!

mmmmmmm veggies, all my hsms have been trips to attack the salad bars.
i have only been taking my creatine on my lift days, and now im kinda bothered if if just lost water weight becuase my waist measurement hasnt really gone anywhere. I vote keep taking creatine.

I am yet to try Superfood though

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