V-Diet and Commuting Via Bike

I am extremely interested in the V-Diet program…

However, in reading the “Start Here: Velocity Diet HQ” thread, I see where the only recommended cardio is 25-30 minutes of daily walking.

I bike to work M-Th (9.1 miles each way at 40-45 minutes, depending on lights/traffic). I go to the gym on Tu/Th for my 30 minute Personal Training sessions, which adds about 2.5 miles to my ride home. So, on M/W’s I get 1 hr and 20-30 minutes of cardio (18.2 miles), and on Tu/Th’s I get 1 hr 25-40 minutes of cardio (20.6 miles).

Additionally, on Fridays, I bike either 4, 6.6, or 8.7 miles (it depends on where I have to go…4 miles is home to my BF’s shop…6.6 is home to the racetrack, and 8.7 is home to the shop then to the track). On Saturdays, I bike to the gym and back (10 miles round trip), plus some weight work at the gym. And on Sundays, I bike to church and back (8.2 miles round trip).

All in all, I average just under 1000 calories burned on M/W, about 1100 cals on Tu/Th (not including my PT sessions - avg 300-ish cals burned with those), and between 500-600 calories F/Sa/Su with my biking (plus 300-400 cals with my weekend weight work). I use a HRM, and log everything, so my calories burned are accurate.

The only days I don’t bike are if it is raining, or if I have other errands I need to run that require the car (ie too far to bike, or if whatever I have to get won’t fit in my saddlebags).

Is there a way to tweak the diet to balance out my commuting (I am 5’5", 168-ish pounds, roughly 35% BF, most of my fat is in my butt/thighs, if that matters)? I am not going to stop biking to do this diet, so if there’s no way to adjust, then I won’t be able to do it until October/November when biking is done for the season (although I’d really rather start ASAP if it can be tweaked, since I have some extra cash now to buy the supplements…and it’s bikini season).

Also, I saw the Velocity Diet package special includes a bottle of Se7en, which is not addressed in the Velocity Diet for Women article. How is that incorporated?


Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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