V-Diet and College

Im a full time college student and also work part time. I feel that it might be hard to organize this diet but I really feel like it needs to be done. Any advice on how I can successfully go about it?

Also, I know its not intended for long term, do you know where I can find help for a keeping the results for a long time. Thank you.


You need a little cooler bag (any bag will do, but these have compartments and stuff), shaker bottle, and lots of ziplock baggies. Before your day starts, figure out how many meals you’ll need and dump one meal’s worth of ingredients into its own baggie. Have a separate baggie for the day’s supplements. Either bring your water with you or use a fountain.

If you’ve ever packed meals to take to work, this will be a piece of cake.


Keeping the results is up to you. Either you’ll pick healthy food choices or you won’t. No magic advice there. Sorry.

Thank you. i appreciate the help

I was in the same boat.

Last spring I was working full time and a full time student, and decided to do the V-Diet.
I succeeded, and have not only kept the results, but have improved by leaps and bounds.

This was my setup:
I use a personal blender, one that when you’re done blending, you just flip it over and use it as a cup.
I bought 3 plastic travel bottles. 1 small, 2 large.
I bought a 50 count bag of quart sized ziplock baggies.

Before I went to bed, I’d make my snack shake, lunch shake, and dinner shake - pour them into the travel bottles, and keep them in the freezer. I also pre-mixed my surges in individual plastic baggies, and left them in a bread box (or wherever you may keep your other pill/powder form supplements).

When I woke up, I’d make the breakfast shake, and head off to work with the rest of my shakes/Surge in tow.
Leaving them in the work fridge usually thawed them out enough by the time it was their turn.

Takes a little more preparation, but tastes a helluva lot better than just shaking it up - I did that a few times, but if I could avoid a warm, iceless, watery shake I would.

Now I just follow Chris’ advice. I cook almost all of my own meals, always bring my own lunch to work and dinner to class. Just work out heavy, and eat healthy - the V-Diet will really change your tastes.

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