V-Diet and Cinnamon

Going into my second V-Diet I anticipated a few things

  1. During the first and second weeks my biceps, thighs, and chest would atrophy about 1/2 inch a week

  2. The third week I would regain the lost inches and show a solid 2 inch reduction in the love handle area and 1 1/2 inch reduction between the belly button and nipple line

  3. In the fourth week the sight of Metabolic Drive would make my stomach churn and I would have to hold my breath and swoosh my mouth out with water immediately after downing the mix.

What I did not anticipate was the fourth week starting the first week my second time around. I think it was the Flax seed association that did it but Metabolic Drive is no longer as appealing as it once was. Since I was looking at 4 weeks minimum with this one loved now… accepted… supplement I decided to start mixing it with random substances.


This stuff makes Metabolic Dive Delicious!!! I cannot wait until shake time! Just one simple teaspoon and viola… a gourmet meal, flax seeds and all.

My only concern is what effect this will have on the diet?

Cinnamon is fine.

By the way, even zero food intake would not cause measurable “atrophy” in one week. You’re likely just seeing water/fluid loss initially then a normalization later on. Also keep in mind that you can lose “inches” in the arms, but it can also be fat loss. Most men don’t like seeing tape measurements go down on the arms, but body fat can store there too. You can look more muscular even with a loss of size in the arms. Long story short: don’t panic.

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