V- Diet and Boxing

helo guys, i’m on V-Diet for 3 day now and i feel great, clean, sometimes hungry but it goes…I have to lose about 5kgs in 4 and half weeks…

I have question about HITT,while i’m boxer and i’m preparing for competition, I do HITT trainings for conditioning while this is most specific endurance trainig for me…I do HITT three times per week:-on mon i do punch out drills 5x 1 min + tabta protokol

     -on wed i do 6 x 60-90 sec jump rope + 4x 3o high knee skiping all out

     -on sat i run 6-8 x 60-120 sec
  1. how many carbs should i take before these trainings?
    2.should i walk on easy days, in my opinion is ok for regeneration… to enough of hitt for endurance improvment?

I have hard and easy days on hard days i do weight lifting at morning and hitt on evening…

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