V-Diet and BJJ/MMA


Has anyone tried the V-diet while actively training BJJ or MMA? I’m currently trailing BJJ 3-4 times a week and trying to fit in some weight training. Has anyone tried this? what changes did you guys make?


I searched and saw that this dude a bunch of years ago was doing two BJJ sessions and a Muay Thai workout during his V-Diet: BJJ and Muay Thai While on the V- Diet?

Shugart recommended adding one Metabolic Drive scoop per day, and treating the martial arts as subsitutes for NEPA and the V-Burn challenge.

This is an even older thread with two guys who basically said it was totally doable to stick with BJJ during the program: BJJ Conditioning on V-Diet

I’d just say, remember that you only need to get through four weeks. Prioritizing the fat loss while being okay with some subpar rolling sessions in the short-term will pay off in the long run.

Also, consider the big picture of the training side of the plan. The intended weekly training program is three days of weights, one day of bodyweight conditioning, and daily low intensity NEPA.

I’d try to get two good weight training sessions to preserve muscle. If the schedule’s tight, you could probably get away without the third weight workout.

If you’re doing 3-4 BJJ sessions, that’s more overall conditioning at a higher average intensity than the plan was designed for, so account for that in terms of recovery and calorie expenditure. I think our BJJ classes back in the day were around 90 minutes of total class time, plenty of that was several minutes of rolling “intervals”, for lack of a better term.


Thanks for that detailed response. I did a quick search and didn’t find these posts. I appreciate you finding these for me.


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