V-Diet and a Couple of Questions

I have been working out for about 3 months using the 5x5 stronglift program. I have made nice strength gains as most noobs do but you cannot see anything since I am about 50lbs over weight. I am 5’9" and 245 and 33 years old and as time and tide go by I am getting heavier so I need a change.
3 questions about the V-Diet

1 I race motorcycles and require a good amount of food and drink on the days I race will the diet be enough for energy. Maybe on that day I could have an extra shake.

2 Can I continue the 5x5 program I have been doing while on this diet?

3 How would you recomend I do the diet on travel days. I live in S.C. but own a company in NY. I drive and fly but mostly drive and its about 15 hours.

Thanks for any advice you choose to share.

  1. Probably not.

  2. It is prefered you do one of the V-Diet workouts (The idea of the diet is to just lose the fat, not gain muscle/strength)

  3. Premake the shakes/flax etc and get a big cooler to put it in.

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