V-Diet After Surgery?

I have been consistently training for the past 2 years. 2 months ago I had to get a minor surgery done on my lower back, as a result I’ve gained 7 lbs and started to develop some sort of anxiety/depression spills and binge eat at night.

Most people don’t notice changes in my appearance since I’m so tall, but it is pretty devastating to see all the hard work I’ve put in during last 2 years go to waste.

My surgeon allows light cardio ( jogging) for 30 min daily and upper body resistance training.

My question is, should I V-Diet? I feel like I’ll be able to put in 100% into NEPA, 80% intoupper body and about 50%- 70% into lower body training. And if so, how should I adjust intake of the supplements, knowing I will not be able to exert myself to the fullest potential?

Doing any extreme fat loss diet without weight training isn’t recommended. Same for the V-Diet. Best to wait until you can give it 100% and do it correctly.

Of course, you can still use protein shakes as meal replacements to keep your diet in check. Tip: Last meal of the day = Metabolic Drive Low-Carb. Prevents night-time overeating, keeps carbs low before bed. Simple too. I do this sometimes if I feel I’ve slipped a little. Gets me back on track quickly.

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