V-Diet After Indigo


Chris just had some questions about the best way to accomplish my current goals. Im up about 15 lbs from indigo, just weighed in at 277 yesterday. Have had amazing results set a PR of a 405 lb incline press and loving the results over the last six months of Indigo use.

Unfortunetly I havent been staying even remotely strict on my diet over the holidays and with my crazy work schedule the last month i havent had time to correct those bad habits. I wouldnt say I am severely overweight but i want to drop some lbs for a cruise in beginning of july. I have been on maintenance dose of Indigo for the past 3 mths and full dose before that. My plan is to do a full velocity diet in March, two weeks of transition back to solid food, then back to full dosage of indigo up until the cruise in July. I probably will do some MAG-10 Pulse fasting maybe once every other week leading up to the cruise as well.

Just looking for opinions or suggestions on how to maximize this timing. I am mostly concerned with the lack of volume from the velocity diet workouts. Ive done an abreviated two week version of the V-Diet and had good results but thought the workout was relatively light. Should i be concerned or just go for it as is.


As an experienced V-Dieter, you can change up the training as you see fit.

If you’re on “maintenance” dose Indigo during the V-Diet, just time that dose before weight training (when you’ll be consuming some carbs with Surge) for best results.