V-Diet Afghanistan Round Deuce

Alright fellow V-Dieters, it’s time for round 2. I am doing it with a partner this time username b.cooper he is posting soon. So we started July 8th and have not had time to post yet but have recorded progress. We run our weeks like so.

Sundays: V burn
Mondays: 2-4 mile walk
Tuesdays: 2-4 mile walk weight training
Wednesday: 2-4 mile walk
Thursday: 2-4 mile walk weight training
Friday: 2-4 mile walk meal day
Saturday: 2-4 mile walk weight training

Age 27

Weight 225
Waist 44
waist 43
Shoulder 52 1/2
upper chest 45 1/2
lower chest 43
hips 40
upper arm 16 1/2
right leg upper 27 1/2
right lower 23
left leg upper 27 1/2
left leg lower 23
ankles 9

this pic is day 1



218 at the start of week 3 will post end of week 2 pictures soon

end of week 3

end of week 3

end week 3

This pics are huge sorry for that i am in the transition phase and right around 213 lbs.

end week 4

end week 4

end week 4

Weighed in at 208 lbs this morning Awesome

Well better

203 lbs

Update: Since the end of the v diet (203Lbs) I have evened out at around 208 lbs been doing crossfit and cardio eating is clean and I feel great. I know this is a late post but I finished the diet on august 18th

I lost about 5 inches from my waist

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