V-Diet Adjustments As We Lose Weight?

Hi Chris,

First off I just want to thank you for having a diet program that kicks my excuses and weak will to the curb.

I was curious about something. Are we supposed to use the initial V-Diet numbers that are calculated or are we supposed to adjust them as we lose weight?

When I first popped in my weight, age, etc into the V-Diet calculator I had three scoops of Metabolic Drive in the morning for breakfast. I was 225 lbs at the time.

Now that I’m 217 lbs I popped in the numbers again and now I only have to take two scoops of Metabolic Drive for my breakfast shake.

What’s your advice?


Generally, you keep the original numbers. The calories are already quite low (or low enough for fat loss without muscle loss or metabolism slowdown.)

But we did build some wiggle-room into the plan where you can adjust up or down by one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day. If you feel plenty full, then you can drop a scoop from the 3-scoop shake. Most people shouldn’t need to do this though.

It’s important not to fall into too much of a calorie-focused mindset for the long haul. If a person keeps dropping calories, the fat burning mechanisms will come to a near halt and muscle loss will be greater than fat loss. Then there’s an inevitable fat-gain rebound. That’s why I hope that all V-Dieters transition into a plan that allows them to train hard, eat plenty of healthy foods, and not have to worry about counting calories.

There’s also an instinctive approach. Your body does not require or use the same amount of calories every day. It varies depending on a dozen factors, like activity level, the type of training you’re doing, even the amount of sleep you get. So while calorie formulas give you a place to start, you have to always use them with a grain of salt, eating more on some days because your body demands it (as long as it’s healthy food) and less on some days because you just don’t need it or want it. This instinctive method becomes easier after a V-Diet since many food addictions and problems with cravings, emotional eating, boredom eating etc. are cured.

That’s more than you asked for, I know, but just some things to keep in mind.

Keep us posted!

Wow- that was a fast reply! Thanks for the info.

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