V-Diet: Additional Supplements?

Starting V-Diet on Monday - very psyched! Coming off a bulking phase, I am curious if I should also be cutting some of the additional pre- and peri-workout supplements and other vitamins and supplements I have been taking. On top of making sure I get 1.5g protein per lb lean mass, right now, I take:

  • gummy multi-vitamin (15 cals) that could easily be changed to a normal multi
  • Glucosamine 2x daily
  • fish oil 3x daily
  • GNC Amplified Creatine 189 in the a.m.
  • Cellecor C4 pre-workout (on lifting days only)
  • IntrAbolic peri-workout (lifting days only)

My guess is Flameout replaces the fish oil, and Surge replaces the IntrAbolic. Can I/should I keep everything else? Can I still use a pre-workout? I find it helps with mental focus in the afternoon, when I have time to workout. And can Surge be used as peri- and post- (say, half and half), to avoid forgetting it?

Also - the V-Diet menu mentions Leucine. I think I read somewhere to simply disregard it. Correct?

  1. No need for a multi when on the V-Diet. Superfood takes care of that, though I do like extra Vit. D in the winter.

  2. Glucosamine: If you need it, this is fine to add or keep taking.

  3. Fish oil: The V-Diet already provides Flameout, a very concentrated source of good fats.

  4. Creatine is optional. If you’re already on it, it’s fine to stay on it.

  5. Cellacor: No idea what that is. If it contains calories and macros, don’t add it to V-Diet.

  6. Intrbolic: Again, no clue, but the V-Diet plan already includes Surge Recovery as a workout drink. And yes, you can use it during training as well.

  7. Yes, leucine is longer part of the V-Diet. If you’d like to add it, it’s fine. I suggest this:

Thanks for the feedback! So, I’ll ditch the fish oil and multi-, keep the creatine, and make half the Surge my peri- drink and drink the rest immediately post.

I use the Cellucor C4 for the beta alanine and the Arginine; also has 2g Creatine Nitrate, so I take one less creatine cap on those days. It just helps kick start the system on long days. It’s 10 calories and no macros (<1g carbs), so I wouldn’t think it would harm anything. Sound okay?

Well, arginine actually does nothing and hasn’t since the 1980’s when I first saw it on the market, but if you like the supplement it shouldn’t hurt. Hate to see you pay for a “stack” style supplement where at least one of the ingredients is useless.

Creatine and beta alanine are inexpensive when purchased separately, and what many companies do is not put enough beta alanine in to actually have an effect. It needs a loading phase and multiple doses daily. Sounds like that product is “kitchen-sinking” you. Old trick of putting in a lot of popular ingredients but not enough of any of them to have an effect. Worth checking out at least. Use this as a guide for the amount of beta alanine needed:

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