V-Diet + 8x8


Hi all, started V-Diet on monday.

Been overweight for about 5 years. i naturally sit around 69kgs and i went up to 95kgs. Been training since Jan, getting back into boxing and doing some weights.

Alright, the biggest hurdle was that i fractured my rib at boxing. its not a terrible fracture, i can barely even feel it most of the time, but it absolutely kills if i try and lift heavy weights. duh.

So, anyway, i did a little test run on 8x8 using very isolated exercises basically to check out whether or not my rib would give me to much discomfort with the lighter load.

Found out there is alot of exercises i can do that don’t aggreviate it on vince’s 8x8 protocol.

So anyway, better do some catch up.

MON-28th of Feb 2011

felt fine all day, no hunger pain at all and found out that NEPA tired my legs more then i would have imagined. i’m not really a walker.



Push ups 8x8 (couldn’t lower muscle down on a bench to do DB do to rib. felt no soreness on the pushup)
Fly machine 8x8
Dips 8x8 (this surprisingly didn’t affect my rib at all.)

shoulder press 8x8 (slight pain through rib halfway through. nothing terrible but will have to keep an eye on it.)
Dumbbell Side Lateral raise 8x8 (again some pain during this but definitely bearable).

TUES 1st of march.

did NEPA, felt good being up so early and out and about.

Took a severe turn by afternoon. felt sick, had a headache and my energy absolutely vanished. not sure if this is because carbs are so low and my body is just getting use to it. But by the time i went to bed i was seriously trying not to vomit.

WED, 2nd of March.

Still had a headache and felt like vomiting in the morning.

Got up, went for a NEPA walk, by the time i got back i was close to spewing. So, what better way to fix it then to go to the gym eh?
Took ten Biotest BCAA’s time for workout.


Chins 8x8 (for some reason this doesn’t hurt my rib at all. Which is great. I can actually do 8x8 bodyweight chins so i used one of the Bands i have to assist me. by the end of the chins i felt pretty thrashed tho surprisingly i no longer wanted to vomit. still slight headache)

Lat pull down 8x8.( no discomfort)

cable rows 8x8. (no discomfort) Thats it for back. those are the only three exercises i can do without severe discomfort

Another 10 BCAA tablets

Bicep curl 8x8
hammer curls 8x8
No discomfort on either.

10 more BCAA’s

and straight home for Surge Recovery drink.

Now, for some reason and i have no idea why. i felt 100% better after my workout then when i first got up. i dont know if my body started eating my muscle for energy or fat but whatever happened i started to feel pretty good. Rest of the day has gone smoothly. looking forward to the rest of the week. hopefully no more dips like tuesday afternoon but will have to wait and see


did my NEPA for the day.

Feel pretty good today. nothing like that tuesday bomb out.

I am insanely sore from 8x8. but i expected that as i recall being sore for 4-5 days. the fractured rib is feeling a lot better.

not sure if its the diet or the 8x8 or both working together but have already seen a huge drop in weight. I know i shouldnt weigh myself till friday but i couldnt help it, curiosity got the better of me. I dropped from 168lbs to 163lbs.

i am seeing more definition around my chest muscle and definitely tighter around my stomach. also more definition through the arms and along my back.

Seeing the results so immediately was a bit of a surprise. Its made me think that i might stay on 1-2 HSM a day and keep the rest as shakes after i am done with the velocity Diet purely for its ease and being able to fit it around almost any schedule. Chris suggested doing this with the Pulse fast and after reading the article about it i’ll probably give it a try and test how my body responds on pulse fast for four weeks after this diet is finish.

I plan to end the 8x8 routine by the end of the 28 days as the strain on joints and particularly the elbows is immense. if you are not use to training high volume or are a beginner its definitely going to cause you pain in those areas and even possible injury.

But then its just so damn effective for losing fat and building mass albeit with little strength gains.

8x8 legs tomorrow. wont be able to squat or anything like that because of Rib. So lots of leg isolations using machines probably. guess i wont be walking for a while after that if the pain in my shoulders, bi’s back, and chest are anything to go by.


March 4, 2011

weighed in this morning. 161lbs even. was 168 or 169 the morning before i started so 7 or 8 lbs seems like alot of weight to lose in four days. Guess most of it must be water or something.

I have noticed and large reduction of fat in my stomach and chest area. Wondering how much impact 8x8 is having on this. It is known to be great for building mass and cutting fat, but i’m getting a little worried it might be a little to intense on this many cals.

not like i can do anything else anyway and my results so far have been amazing.

So after weigh in did my NEPA. feeling good on those walks!


8x8 legs- just used leg machines- not sure of the names. Really wish i could squat or deadlift. I dont enjoy leg machines.


had my first HSM for lunch. When i read about other people saying the food tastes amazing i thought it couldnt be all that great. after all, its only like 4 days right?

I was wrong. the food tasted so unbelievable.


Water and Glycogen stores are he first to go. Depending on your diet before hand, like if you are a heavy salt user (like me) that couls effect how much water you had around. I dropped 10 in the first 7 days much of it ws early, from the water. I think it was even 5 lbs the first 1-3 days.

Keep p the good work, because even when your dropping water, your still working muscles and burnin calories


damn missed a whole pile of days.

been really busy.

Well first off the bat. 8x8 on legs was a bad idea. it crippled me. did a little digger and vince mentions that 8x8 on legs will cripple professional bodybuilders let alone a guy like me. so going to have to swap that out to something else as it made it agonizing to do NEPA walks.

everything has been pretty much the same as the first week except i suspect i wont be dropping so much weight when i hit the scale tomorrow. fat loss is still happening a little slower now tho.

I have shifted 8x8 upper body to mon and friday and on both days i do chest, biceps, shoulders back and triceps. i only do two exercises each muscle for the 8x8 as my joints were not handling 3 exercises per muscle of 8x8.

That’s about it, absolutely craving food and been doing a pile of research into supplies im going to need to continue this style of eating after the diet. I cant beleive how much its change the way i’m going to eat. been absolutely stuck on t nation checking out what foods to fit in. looking almond milk and bread. arr, just thinking about it is making me hungry!

Cant wait for solid meal tomorrow and my weigh in.