V-Diet - 53 Y/O Male - Started 9/28/2015

I sure hope I have the discipline to make it the entire 28 days. There are so many logs that start but are never updated I must assume that the V-Diet is not a walk in the park.

My background: Typical skinny guy with a belly. Never worked out much in my 20s and early 30s but I stayed active. In late 30s I was introduced to HIT and I gained a little muscle. I worked up from assisted chins to 8 full range BW chins and 8 BW plus 35lb dips. Life intervened and I stopped working out. About 6 years ago I tried P90X and gave up after 5 weeks. I came to dread waking up thinking about the next stinking P90X workout. I searched for something else and came across Pavel and ETK. I dove into kettlebells and built a little strength. I used kettlebells plus chins and dips as my primary mode of exercise off and on for the next several years. I never seem to stick with any program for longer than 6 months although I did manage to gain a little strength each time I returned.

This spring I started back with swings, KB squats, KB C&P, weighted dips, weighted pull-ups and chins and was doing nicely. I was toying with the deadlift and hip thrusts too and hurt my lower back in June. While recovering I decided to really work BW exercises like push-ups, BW squats, pull-ups and chins, ab wheel rollouts and hanging knee raises. My back healed and my strength increased. I was able to resume weighted pulls, dips and KB squats. I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life. Nothing compared to the majority on this board, but pretty darn good for me.

I currently weigh 194 pounds, about as heavy as I have ever been. I hit 197 last year but was able to get back down to 177 using the Eat Stop Eat style of intermittent fasting. For some reason I am unable to stick with the fasting this year. The carb cravings kick in and I stuff my mouth with whatever is available. If nothing was around, I would hit the nearest 7-11. So I am really hoping that the V-Diet can kick the carb cravings for me. Over the next 28 days I would like to get to 180 pounds, with 175 as a stretch goal. Iâ??m most concerned with the spare tire and love handles. At 5 feet 11 I have a fairly small frame, kind of narrow rib cage and smallish wrist and ankle measurements are shown below for context.

I have spent the past 9 days getting familiar with the V-Diet workouts and will be doing the Intermediate workouts. Front squats will be done with KBs, weighted dips instead of DB flat bench. I will do hanging knee raises instead of the reverse crunch since I have been working knee raises hard lately. Deadlift will be the trap-bar variety and I will use KBs instead of DBs on the incline press. I believe my changes are minor and well within the spirit of the workout as written. I am adding suitcase carry on Mon & Fri and farmers walk on Wed. Not because I think the workout is lacking but simply because I got my farmers walk handles last month and I want to keep using them. I start my V-Diet on 9/28/2015 and will update this log at the end of each week.

Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 194 lbs
Neck: 16 1/4 inches
Shoulders: 47 3/4 inches
Chest: 41 1/8 inches
Waist High: 37 3/4 inches
Waist Navel: 38 3/4 inches
Waist Low: 38 1/4 inches
Hips: 40 1/8 inches
Upper Arm - Right: 13 3/4 inches
Upper Leg - Right: 24 1/4 inches
Calf - Right: 15 7/8 inches
Wrist: 7 inches
Ankle: 8 3/4 inches

I wanted to add that I’m also using Indigo-3G and HOT-ROX on the V-Diet. I’m a tea drinker in the morning and use the HOT-ROX instead of tea on workout days since I workout in the morning and therefore use Indigo in the morning 30 minutes before the Plazma. On workout days I also move the Superfood to the afternoon shake so it doesn’t conflict with the Indigo. On workout days I’m taking two HOT-ROX and on non-workout days just one because I can have my tea.

I think I’ll continue with the Indigo for one month after I finish the V-Diet just to see if it makes a difference. There’s way too many variables going on during the V-Diet to effectively evaluate Indigo.

Regarding the HOT-ROX, the label says you can go up to 2 caps, twice a day. 2 caps gets me zooming, I don’t think I could handle double that.

This is the start of day 4 for me. It’s going okay. The first two workouts have been tough but I felt great afterward. I’m only getting 30 minute NEPA walks in, I need to push that up to 60. I’m not sleeping as long as I would like but I’m not sure if that is diet related or work stress related. I will try hard to get the sleep issue worked out so cortisol is properly managed.

I will have all four shakes spread out throughout the day before dinner and nothing after. This seems to make more sense and balanced better across the day. Non-workout days this is 880 cal during entire day and then 600 at dinner. On workout days, with having Plazma first thing in the morning, this 1300 cals during entire day and then 600 at dinner.

I’m curious as to what my end of week 1 waist measurement will be on Monday Oct 2nd.

I do want to report on one positive that I noticed since day 2. I’ve been taking either fish or krill oil for years. About 1 year ago I switched to a product called Relief Factor, which is a concentrated EPA/DHA fish oil, Resveratrol, Icariin and Curcumin product.

For years my feet, right foot in particular, have hurt. I believe I did a lot of damage in my 20s when I waited tables and managed restaurants for years. All that time on my feet in crappy shoes did some damage.

So like I said, I’ve been taking fish oil products for years. Relief Factor is specifically marketed as a product to fight chronic inflammation. I believe it does have a positive effect but I was never able to completely clear up the pain in my feet.

Since day 2 on the V-Diet my feet are pain free. They haven’t felt this good in years. I haven’t been taking Relief Factor since starting on the Flameout. I am really interested to see if the improvement in my feet holds over time. So many products claim to fight inflammation but Flameout just may actually do it. I’ll update the log if there are any changes in this area.

Week 1 is in the books.

Weight 190.5 (down 3.5 lbs)
Waist at navel 38 inches even (down 3/4 inches)

I’m a little disappointed in the weight and gut and measurements after week one. Definitely progress in the right direction but I was hoping for a bigger drop, particularly from the gut.

Perhaps at 53 I need to scale back my expectations. A second variable that I didn’t have dialed in last week was sleep. I had trouble staying asleep every single night. I believe it was work related and this week should be easier at work. If I can get my sleep to improve perhaps that gut will go down a little faster. But even if I only maintain 3.5 pounds per week I’d have to say the V-Diet works.

Week 2 is finished.

Weight 189 (down 1.5 lbs from last week, 5 lbs total)
Waist at navel 37 3/4 inches.(down 1/4 inches from last week, 1 inch total)

I really thought week 2 would kick in more fat loss. I’m kind of surprised how little came off. The carb cravings are over. I feel like I could go back to normal eating and use the ESE method of IF to continue fat loss but I’ll stick it out with the V-Diet for the whole 28 days.

I felt pretty wiped out last week. Sleep was better a couple of nights but overall still not optimal. I skipped the V-challenge workout on Saturday because I just felt like crap. For somebody like me who hasn’t been deadlifting, 40 reps takes a lot out of you. It was only 230 lbs and while I felt I could have probably gone a little heavier I didn’t want to push it too much since I dinged my lower back in June.

Fortunately I feel pretty darn good this morning. I still need to figure out the sleep issue. If I can recover properly I believe the fat loss will get back on track.

Congrats man! You’re kicking almost the same weight as me!! That’s killer! Keep it up!

[quote]jterry7 wrote:
Congrats man! You’re kicking almost the same weight as me!! That’s killer! Keep it up! [/quote]

Thanks for the comments. I’ve been watching your log with great interest. You’ll be rocking the tux at your wedding.

Week 3 is complete.

Weight 185.5 (down 3.5 from last week, 8.5 lbs total)
Waist at navel 37 1/2 (down 1/4 from last week, 1 1/4 total)

I definitely see a difference in the mirror. By belly is a little smaller but I think I got smaller all over. If it’s body fat and not muscle that’s good with me.

I think being on the wrong side of 50 could be a reason that I’m not having the type of losses that others have had on the V-Diet. Regardless, I am making progress. After the diet is over and I’m back on a regular menu for a few days I will test my strength with weighted dips and weighted chins as a gauge for the preservation of muscle mass. I have good numbers for both in the weeks immediately before the V-Diet.

I’m looking forward to being able to have a drink once this is over. We typically go out for dinner on Friday night and only having water sucks.

For those of you thinking about starting the V-Diet. It looks like 8 bags of protein and 2 of Plazma are more than enough to get you through 4 weeks. There’s plenty of Flameout too. I could tell last week that the tub of Superfood wasn’t going to last through week 4 so I ordered another tub. I also ordered two more bottles of Flameout because this supplement is the real deal.

So if you’re getting ready to do the V-Diet I recommend ordering an extra tub of the Superfood from the get go. Throw a single scoop in your 2nd shake of the day and you’ll get a little more of the good stuff and still have all four weeks covered.

If you take another brand of fish oil, like I did, you owe it to yourself to give Flameout a trial run. I noticed the difference the very first week. It is really an amazing product.

Week 4 is done. I’m finished with the V-Diet.

Final weight 185.5 lbs (no change from last week, down 8.5 lbs total)
Final waist at navel 37 (down 1/2 from last week, 1 3/4 total)

I’m very glad this is over and I can eat real food again. I strayed one day, I went to a Halloween party on Saturday and had a couple of beers and more than 800 cals of food. Definitely wasn’t a HSM. One bad day out of 28. This is probably why I stayed even this week.

While I didn’t reach my goal of 180 I did lose fat from my entire body. Even my neck. To me it’s the most noticeable in my back now that I see the pictures. The gut is smaller, I’d like to get it smaller still.

Here’s the before and after shots.

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