V-Diet 3.5


Hey Chris! I’m not able to post in the v-life cell so I thought I’d ask this here. Basically, after having run through the V-Diet 3 times, I am about to run it again with a couple modifications. I’m pretty sure for most of the following, you have okayed it before, and ultimately I just want to experiment for myself, but wanted to double check with you just to ensure I’m not doing anything blatantly wrong. For the record, I weigh 205. The V-Diet calculator gives me 266 pro, 43 fat, 117 carbs, and 1920 cals on workout days with 240 pro, 43 fat, and 66 carbs for 1590 cals on non-workout days.

I would like to add in 2 fast days a week, and run it for 2 weeks, a week of HSMs, 2 more weeks, and a final HSM week, as previously discussed. Then I would like to take out the peanut butter and replace it with FA3. Also, I want to take half my Flameout and fa3 in the morning, and the other half before bed.

I would also like to replace the Surge with Anaconda protocol v2. I tried to be as brief as possible with these changes, but hopefully its not confusing. Everything else will be the same, which brings my new totals to 268 pro, 38 fat, 117 carbs, and 1917 cals on workout days and 238 pro, 39 fat, and 56 carbs for a total of 1439 cals on non-workout days.

Any problems or suggestions? I plan on starting Monday and will for sure post pics and logs if given the go ahead. Thanks Chris!


As an experienced V-Diet vet, I think your changes are perfectly fine.

One minor thing: “Also, I want to take half my flameout and fa3 in the morning, and the other half before bed.”

Probably not a big deal, but I think more fats at night rather than in the morning has some advantages a la Dr. Lowery’s temporal nutrition ideas. so I’d take most EFA’s at night.


OK, thanks for the quick reply. As far as my splitting up the EFAs, I’ve been taking them before bed, but read your archived Hammer about eating fat for breakfast leading to increased fat loss. I can’t find the link right now, but that was the reasoning behind that. Are you saying that newer evidence says I should put all the EFAs with my last shake then?


You’re right. Research has been really mixed on that. Most things I’ve read support Dr. Lowery: fats are better utilized in the evening. But there was one study that showed fats in the AM helped decrease hunger for the rest of the day.

In the end, we’re probably splitting hairs here, and I’ve seen both methods work.

If you notice a difference one way or the other, then by all means use what works best for you. As a V-diet vet, I’m betting you’re very “body aware” in that regard.