V-Diet 3.5 Expectations

I’ve been reading on the requirements of the V-diet.
Literally over and over to make sure it sinks in (the proper way to do it etc)
I want to make sure I have realistic expectations on the final outcome.
I am to but it quite bluntly- round lmao.

5’2 160 lbs (I’m female by the way)
I’m at the beginner level in working out - mostly boot camp style classes (which I wont be able to do while on the velocity diet I guess)
My metabolism is pretty sluggish.

And for an average person my eating habits are fairly clean.
Breakfast- egg substitute with spinach, or any green on grain bread or some type of wrap.
Snack- Pear, or apple, grapes, cherries.
Lunch- some type of protein maybe rice with beans or field greens
Snack - granola bar (if I’m craving junk) nuts, boiled egg, fruit
Dinner- Usually a repeat of Lunch - wine, cocktail
Supplements- prenatal vitamins (only vit that doesn’t make me sick and that includes Flintstones vitamins) melatonin

I love juice- but I do stay away from it.
And I drink coffee (black, nothing added) and green tea (the kind with the leaves floating in the water)

That pretty much sums it up-

So, I know “everyone’s body is different” I get that. I still want to know what I can realistically expect after my 6 weeks of following this diet to the letter.



Well, it looks like the V-Diet would fix a lot of issues and remove some things from your diet that are causing you issues. For example:

Wheat - Highly addictive. Causes fat gain, inflammation and overeating. (The book “Wheat Belly” details why.) I see that in several places in your diet.

Juice: Pure garbage. You may as well be drinking full-sugar sodas.

Dietary fat: You almost aren’t getting any. Which is bad.

Alcohol: There is not allowed ion the V-Diet since it halts fat loss while in the system.

Fruit: Fructose as about as bad as HFCS. See the article “The Evils of Fructose” in our archives.

So basically, you’re eating the typical “pretend healthy” diet of high carbs and low fat, which, well, makes people become overweight.

I can’t predict what the V-Diet will do for you, but it’s been around for years and has helped many people lose fat quickly and remove food addictions while instilling better eating habits.

But you could also make good progress on your own just dropping all sources of wheat from your diet and doing some serious weight training with very little cardio. The V-Diet is very tough for a beginner. It’s more like rehab! But if you’re ready for it, we’re here to help.

Quick suggestion to go along with what I wrote in your other post:

Get some Metabolic Drive Low Carb, the same shake used in the V-Diet. Replace a couple of meals per day with it, no need to add flax or anything. See how that goes, along with dropping wheat, juice, and milk from your diet. That may be all you need!

Here’s the link:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for responding so quickly- I appreciate that more than you know.

Glad I wrote you, and wish I had done so long time ago.

Spent countless of hard earned $$ and time with trainers. And no results.

Really really frustrating. That was why I wanted to know your thoughts on what is realistic or not.

So, I will take your advice, and do a “super modified” V-Diet- Order the shake, HOT-ROX, Flameout have the shakes 3 times a day and eat a high protein low carb lunch. No wheat, juice or alcohol or dairy. Weight training ( I will use the one for the diet) , light cardio and off I go.

Even though I’m doing a pseudo V-Diet 3.0 can I still post my progress somewhere?

Yes, please do. Here’s a good spot for a log:

But please post any questions here in Ask Chris so I’ll be sure to see them. I’ll be glad to help you out.

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