V-Diet 3.0 Weekly Update


Week 1 Started at 260 now 253

Honesty counts…

Completed Week 1 of the V-Diet 3.0 exactly except…

Day 3 rolled thru Jack in the Box and grabbed a small cheeseburger (1.49 variety…took off half the bun)and a diet coke! Was hurting (extreme hunger) and between business appointments! Not the best choice but honest.

Day 6 Had a chicken breast with cheddar cheese and a chopped bannana!(technically this was my HSM)

Did not use Surge or HOT-ROX this week! Plan to add next week!

My weight has fluctuated from 231 to 265 last 10 years! Hit 260 after hitting 231 one year ago training 3 to 4 times a week. Time to reboot…started last week.


I like your honesty. This diet is damn hard, good luck.


So I planned on only updating once a week, but after reading other people’s log’s…I realized how much motivation seeing other people’s Diet progress helped focus my goals.

Decided to measure and MAY take a picture! (Was not planning to do either)

Set a goal weight of 202, however have been told I may be better at 210 to 215. (Due to large frame and muscle mass)

A tad under 252 now, so my first goal is 230! (Hoping to be there by end of this round) Have not been there in 10 Years. Hit 231 last year with more muscle than today. (Extreme workouts no major dieting).

But I digress…here are my measurements I will be tracking…1st V-burn tomorrow with a trainer.

Height 6’3
Weight 252
Neck 16
Shoulders 21.5
Chest 46
Waist 43 (ouch)
Waist at largest 44.5
Hips 48
Left arm 17/17.5
Right arm 16.5/17
Left thigh 24.5
Right thigh 25
Calves both 19

On the dieting front…Day 3 was worst…introduced Surge today and HOT-ROX. Energy was good all day so far! HOT-ROX may have caused slightly more sweat on workout…other than that nothing that I have noticed.

Good Luck to all!


Two other things…

  1. Good Luck to you HWYHEAT!
  2. I am strictly going with Choclate flavor!


1st V-Burn

23:38 Had trainer call out each exercise…sipped on Surge before during and after.

Sweating good!

Talk to everyone friday…stay strong we can do this!

Resting and then boxing w trainer after kids finish.


[quote]Majoralpha2011 wrote:
23:38 Had trainer call out each exercise…sipped on Surge before during and after.[/quote]

FYI, they say no Surge on V-Burn days… only on weight training days.

Besides, how in the hell did you have time or the breath control to drink during the V-Burn?


This might show up twice! Last message didn’t stick! I sipped Surge after each set. Then waited an hour for kids to box and then boxed!(1/2 hour) The trainer had me put the other 1/3 of Surge away(Fridge) until after boxing! Thx for the correction! I will discuss w trainer! (He introduced me to diet…don’t know if variation or mistake.)


Are you doing the weight training workouts? If I read you previous posts correctly, you didn’t use Surge at all the first week. Is that right? Surge is just about your only source of carbs, if you were skipping that for an entire week (especially week 1) I can see how you cheated. I think I would have gnawed my own arm off if I had tried that.


Have added Surge this week! (and HOT-ROX) Only had one day of low energy! Weight 250.5…was hoping for bigger drop…it is what is. So 9.5 lbs. first two weeks! Goal is 230 minimum…but looks like it will not be this round. Other than grabbing three small breakfast sausages early in week…had a perfect week! I think I am putting on muscle…but not sure…better idea when I measure next week. Now I did sip on Surge during my first V-Burn and will do my second with trainer tomorrow. I box for 1/2 an hour same day afterwards…this was pointed out as not technically correct by diet…so will probably eliminate it unless strongly suggested to stay this course by trainer. (He brought this Diet to my attention originally).

The only other thing was I missed a couple Inflamtion Scavengers by accident…plain forgot to get them out of fridge!

Looking forward to tomorrow…will measure again next week. Good Luck to everyone and thx for those who have posted your thoughts…keeps me motivated!


You have a progressive and innovative trainer for them to even have heard of the V-Diet, much less suggest it to their clients. Most of my dealings with the “trainers” at the gym have shown that they know very little about bodybuilding and effective nutrition (other than the FDA food pyramid).
There is actually a poster in my gym that suggests for a daily diet of someone who is wanting to lose weight to limit yourself to 3 or 4 cookies, you know because it’s ok to treat yourself a little while dieting.
My hats off to your trainer, wish I had someone like them around where I am.


V-Burn Week 2 20:01

So I did sip surge before during and after! (sipped after set 2 and 4) One of my major goals is to maintain or actually gain muscle during this diet. As my kids and I box every Sunday…my trainer wants me to add the additional Surge during this work out due to high intensity. (About 6 rounds)

However…this time we cut out the 1 hour rest and boxed back to back with the V-Burn. I had a 5 minute break and then boxed 3 min w 1 min breaks. Needed a couple 15 second breaks in last two sessions. Much harder than last week…when I got a hour of rest in between.

I have not measured but kids, trainer and wife see noticable difference in stomach! However…weight was only down 2.5lbs this week…(may due a dexascan to get exact fat percentage to track)…also excited to get measurements next week. The scale is a little slower than I anticipated but was really happy w my V-burn improvement and energy overall this week. However…I did fade last two sessions of boxing.

As always appreciate the comments! Good Luck to everyone else!


HockeyDawg…It took me some time to embrace this diet…as the shake concept was a little extreme to my way of thinking about food! However, my trainer is similar height and body type and has used this diet twice with great success for competition purposes. Thx for the feedback!