V-Diet 3.0 to ANACONDA Protocol 2.0


Hi I am a couple days into the V-Diet, I ordered the V-Diet and the ANACONDA Protocol the same day(Canada, 1 shipment easier then 2). After some reading on T-Nation I decided it would be best to cut first and then add some lean mass. Im wondering what would be the optimium way to transition from program to program. Do you just jump into it as soon as your done phase 2 of V-Diet or do you give it a few weeks/month.

Im assuming jumping into the ANACONDA Protocol 2 using the I,BODYBUILDER program coming off a cut from the V-Diet should yeild some pretty extreme results, although im not really experienced. Any input? The goal here is a slightly shorter version of Alistair Overeem.


With a good two-week V-Diet Transition phase, you could jump right into the Anaconda 2 Protocol. Much is also going to depend on your solid food choices during Anaconda 2. Keep them clean so as not to ruin any of the positive craving/behavior changes that usually occur with the V-Diet.

Or, you could wait a couple of weeks between each to really get used to the V-Diet changes. It’s really up to you and your goals.