V-Diet 3.0 Take 2 - October 2009

Completed my first V-Diet back in April (the beginner diet). Went from 224 to 209 and have maintained that weight since. I still have some ways to go though as I’d like to get to 180.

So I’m embarking on the V-Diet #2 starting October 5th. All the partying, weekend trips, birthdays are done, so should be a good time to get going again.

For this V-Diet, I’m skipping past the intermediate and going straight for advanced. This could be the death of me…but I like a challenge. Any advice for the advanced? Am I crazy for skipping past Intm?

I think my results this time around will be much more dramatic for a couple reasons. Since I’m a tall guy, once I get below the 200 mark I think I’ll start to see some serious definition. Its already showing a bit from V-Diet 1. Also, since I’m walking to and from work everyday, that’s 2 x 30 NEPA sessions. I recently moved to San Francisco and the hills should be a nice challenge as well.

And for the fact that I have all my logs and charts from last time, staying on track should be cake. If im not logging my results and progress, I dont do the workouts…so I’ve got my binder ready!

Once I hit the 180 region and complete the V-Diet…does anyone have advice on what to do next? P90X? One the fat is gone, and I’m lean…I’d like to get back up to a solid 200 (solid muscle this time). I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway…wish me luck in October!

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