V-Diet 3.0 Program

I just finished reading through it.

Well done, guys. My jaw is still on the floor.

The setup for going through the diet, including the program which supplies the caloric calculations and setting up a tailored meal/supplement plan (?!) is amazing. Especially the page which’ll add up the supplement expenses and allow you to place an order - this really makes things a lot easier.

The picture/video demonstrations of what the exercises are like for the new-to-training group were a great addition too.

Overall, this is a much better breakdown of what needs to be done and how to do it than what was done before.

This rollout has me thinking about trying the V-Diet again.

My single gripe was there wasn’t more pics of Jelena. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work guys. Really top of the range.

[quote]Tech9 wrote:

My single gripe was there wasn’t more pics of Jelena. :)[/quote]

That does add to the readability of the <a href=""target=“new”>program, doesn’t it?

Props to photographer Brian Moss on the pics as well.

Really amazing stuff. So thorough and well laid out. Gratz

I agree with the above posters, this new program is really awesome and makes it really easy to get going, but then I think if someone can’t put the effort forth to read through the stickies and do a little homework how are they going to put the effort into induring six weeks of shakes and walks?

My major complaint about 3.0 is that it came out no more than 4 days after I figured out all of my caloric breakdowns for 7 days. Great timing.

Lol just kidding, it looks great, I love the ease of use! Can’t wait to start on sunday.

As soon as I can scrounge up the 600 bones for the supps i’m probably going to do this.

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