V-Diet 3.0 - Day 1

Well today is the big start date of the VP 3.0. I’m going to need a lot of support and help on this one.
Today I will start the workouts - I thought I should just dive right into it. No reason to put it off till tomorrow.
Any good lifting programs would be great help.

Well so far today I have done one shake and not so bad. It just took me 1 1/2 hours to drink it. I don’t feel hungry at all. I did have some weird feeling after taking the HOT-ROX. Not sure how I feel about this. I only took one and will take one last on this afternoon before my workout. I did my NEPA this morning. I walked the dog for 30 minutes.

I usually walk the dog two times a day/each 30 minutes. So this will be pretty easy for me. I hope I can get all these drinks in today. They seem to take a long time to consume. I don’t think they taste so bad, just seems too think. Maybe I will just shake the others today and see how that goes.

I took my measurements and the pictures this morning. I must say I didn’t realize how much weight I actually gained. Pictures truly speak a 1000 words! Ouch! I use to weigh 12 years ago 230lbs and I dropped down to 110 at 5’9". I will post my measurements later today or tomorrow. I will for sure need to keep up w/the diary logs.

Hi Stacie,

I am in the middle of day 5. So far I found days 2 and 3 to be the worst. I just felt crappy (didn’t help that I had a cold). I think it was all about my body adjusting to the shock.

Yesterday (day 4) felt a lot better and so far so good today. I have not been hungry. And I just don’t think about feeling deprived. I look at this like I would look at a medical intervention. Maybe not pleasant, but necessary. I am a 52 year old male, with the classic apple shape. I don’t want diabetes, hypertension, CV disease or any of the myriad health problems that will ensue if I accept the status quo. So I’m gonna be 100% compliant for these 28 days.

I still cook for my family. Cooking is the closest thing I have to a winter hobby; I enjoy it and my daughters tell me that their friends are amazed at the meals we have. I am seeing food so differently already. I really notice texture, color, aroma. No, I haven’t and won’t sample. I get one of my daughters to do that.

I already look and feel noticeably different in only 4.5 days. Am looking forward to Thursday…measurement day and first HSM.

Believe everything they tell you about that bedtime peanut butter. It’s such a sensuous delight :slight_smile:

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

I am on day 2 and I must say that I am not hungry nor do I crave any food. My issue is w/the drinks. If they tasted a little better, I think I would be okay. I had to choke this morning drink down and I only hope that it gets better by day 4. I also don’t feel so hot after taking the HOT-ROX - I hope that my body gets use to it.

I started my workout on the first day which felt good. I usually workout regardless 3-5 times a week, so this wasnâ??t hard for me. I hope the results by week 2 start to show some improvement.

Also - I had a very hard time drinking all of my drinks yesterday. I was so stuffed that I had to force the last two of the day.

I myself have a sinus cold and I just feel crappy all around.

Any words on how I can make the drinks more enjoyable. I tried putting them in the blender and they seem to be too thick for me.

The bedtime peanut butter is a treat! This was my favorite drink of the day.


Don’t know what to advise on the drinks. I do mine with 4 oz water and 3 - 4 ice cubes, but I know you don’t care for them blended. I have found that they go down easier with time. Maybe try my approach though, while it’s thick, there isn’t so much of it to get down.

I don’t mind the MD taste, but do not like the flax seed. I found dry toasted seed which I mill myself. It’s a little better.

Pulled in a belt notch today :slight_smile:

I’l be here for you. I am lucky in that I work at home, and avoid all the issues of being around people and food. While this is not really pleasant it’s simple, and not hard to do. Just gotta keep the head dialed in to the goal.

I measure my days by how many shakes I have left :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow = day 6. Week 1 almost gone.

Hang in there. You can do this!


I found the shakes revolting until I started leaving out the leucine. I take it with water before or during the shake, because you’re supposed to take it with food. The leucine seems to add a very bitter Nutra-Sweety taste to the shakes that I just can’t handle, but mostly tastes like aspirin on it’s own.

As far as the taste in shakes go, for meal one and meal four I make myself two shakes. One shake consists of MD, Leucine, and some fiber powder (can’t remember the name, benefiber maybe?), and the other of Superfood and milled flax meal, brewed super thick. I pound the Superfood one, then have a little sip of the chocolate one and enjoy the taste of that. I found the same thing, mixing it all together is a lil rough, but if you can handle the two separately seemed to work for me.

Another piece of advice thats worked for me, is any huge cravings you get, like for example I once found myself staring at food in the house, just staring, not touching, but it would be so easy to just grab a bite and say I tried but it was to hard. Say to yourself, if its still to hard tomorrow morning, I’ll quit then, I’m not going to have four shakes one day, then just quit. By the time you wake up, you’ve completely forgotten about that moment that could’ve killed your progress, and got and make your shake and go on with life. Just keep pushing, your doing great!

All good tips for the shakes. I have found once you get a method you like, just stick with it. I HATE mine blended but other people couldn’t drink it just shaken in a mixer cup like I do. It really just depends on the person.

BTW, if you are tempted by food, What’s more important? Reaching your goals and being happy or the brief satisfaction you get from food (Immediately followed by lots of guilt)

I liked to have one thing I could think about that drove the fire back into me. Whatever makes you really mad and motivates you works best =]

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