V-Diet 3.0, 1 Week In


Hi All

Just completed the first week of the V-Diet and boy was it hard.

The first 2 days were easy enough apart from the fact that I could not stand the Superfood and took it out of my shakes and drank it Standalone instead.

By days 4 - 5 I was actually enjoying the Superfood as a standalone drink, don’t figure but hey.

Unfortuantly by this point I was feeling drained, no energy, tired all the time and constantly hungry.

The workouts were ok (Intermediate).

I decided to increase my water intake and it seemed to cure most of the above problems apart from energy levels by the end of the first week.

My first V-Burn Challenge was a killer, I thought I was ok fitness wise but I was way of the mark. Took me 31 minutes to complete, here is the breakdown.

Round 1 3:26
Round 2 3:53
Round 3 4:58 by this point I was feeling Dizzy and sick.
Round 4 6:10
Round 5 6:50
Round 6 5:30 I got a second wind on the last set just knowing it was almost over and just went for it.

Have to say it took me about 30mins to recover from that.

As for some stats, according to the scales I went from 176lbs to 170lbs and lost just over half an inch on the waist.

To date this has to be one of the hardest things I have done but if I can last the 4 weeks then I agree with Chris after this you can do anything.




Great job. Keep pushing through. You will feel a real sense of accomplishment on that 28th day as you are sitting down eating your HSM and planning for the future.


Hi All

Forgot to put up my Day 1 Start Pic, was gonna post a pic every week but I will just post the Before and after photo.


I just started my V-Diet today. So far so good, but it sounds like it is going to get worse for me in a few days. Thanks for the shot to my nuts. haha.

Anyways, I hope you are sticking with it. Best of luck to you.