V-Diet 2nd Time Around

Hi all,

About 3 years back I did my first V-Diet with from my point of view good success (83.5 kilo start, 77.5 kilo finish). Since then I was able to almost keep my weight (today I weighed in at 78.6 kilos)About 12months back I started going to the gym again regularly and even though I did not really diet I feel that my body composition shifted since then to less fat and more muscle :slight_smile:

So looking in the mirror I wonder if I could make it one step closer to a 6-pack (or maybe a 4-pack) . Being 44 years old that for sure is not easy but it motivates me, then why not try.

So here it goes. Fat caliper measurements say, I have about 18% body fat (most it seems to me on my tummy). Even if I don’t reach the goal I fel it is worth a try. I read that I need to get close to single digit body fat for a nice six pack, well I guess that is out of reach withone V-diet but I want to see where I end up after 4 weeks. My goal would be to get to about 73 kilos, that might not seem much weight loss but that would mean about 7% of my total weight.

Measurements and pictures will come later, but as I said: 44 years old, 78.6, body fat around 18%, not too muscular I am afraid (stil kind of skinny fat I guess)

2nd day over here in Shanghai and like last time a slight feeling of dizziness … And some hunger pains. But that is to be expected.

Gym went fine, a little on the weak side but that was expected too.

Shakes and other supplements still taste good and like last time I will try to alter flavors as much as possible - 4 weeks is a long time :slight_smile:

Still need to take measurements but can’t seem to locate the measure tape and tonight I am too tired. Besides my son demands attention now … I need to set priorities.


Next day over. Some good gym and I almost held to the eating schedule. I got to admit I had a carrot this evening. That is not in line with the plan but better than the bar of chocolate next to it . Weight is slowly going down, 75.9 kg today. Most weight loss will be water I guess but sooner or later I am sure the fat will follow.

I also finally got some flax seed here - very hard to come by. But Taobao (Chinese pendant to eBay) has everything at the end of the day.

Looking forward to the last working day tomorrow and the weekend.

Generally feeling good and still motivated !

Due to time constraints I will probably continue not to post every day … But of course I hold to the schedule even on days I do not write

So I broke my wrist on the weekend … that sucks. Chris said though I could continue the diet - however exercising (gym) is not possible right now. However I will try to do some walks and such, as much as wrist allows.

Now the good news: I got below 75kg this morning … 74.8 kg to be exact. That is all the more motivation. I know the scale can be off by quite a ways, but it was satisfying none the less :slight_smile:

Also when browsing the site, I saw that basically I should avoid milk for the shakes in the diet (I have been using low fat milk with 0.1% fat). So I switched to water. To be honest, in cold water the shake is barely drinkable but with warm water it works (kind of). So I guess I just have to tough it out the next 3 week.

Pictures - finally

  • front

picture 2 - side

picture 3 - back (I know not a real good one, but hey, this is more for myself than for you guys - hahaha)

and as reference, the pictures from 2009, October, before my first V-Diet.

Yes I know, not extraordinary or even pretty to look at, but thats just little ol me :slight_smile:

still on the program when it comes to dieting, due to broken wrist however more walks and such in the very unhealthy Shanghai air (air quality is officially now deemed to be ‘unhealthy’)

the diet is going good though. Second week is almost over and I am looking forward to my solid meal tomorrow. Haven’t decided yet what to have …

Shakes are doing so-so. The taste, even though I am alternating flavors, is getting on my nerves. Also, even though I do take some flax seeds, bowl movements are not really satisfactory (I spare you the details).

On the up side, my mirror image shows definite improvements.

Thanks to all of you who also post their regular status - very inspirational to say the least and it helps get over periods where motivation might slack off.

Also I really am looking forward to the time after the diet and transitioning phase, next target is then to add some lean mass to my frame.


Martin, sorry to hear about your wrist - that’s a real bummer! But it’s great to hear you’re still sticking to the diet despite the setback.

Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to seeing you results!

Sorry for not being up to date with my log.

Almost done now with the diet and I must say, I like the results (like last time). Just for fun I weighed in today at 71.4 kg - that’s even better than my target ob 72, something :slight_smile:

I do realize that the six pack is still out of reach but with some muscle buildup and some good, clean food in the future I might get there yet. Actually for me it is now more about the journey than the actual result (however goals do give motivation).

I am feeling fine with the diet although like last time towards the end of the diet I really feel kind of weak and will be glad to start the transition phase soon

To all you out there, thanks for the support and encouragement as well as all the motivational logs!!!


some pics I took with my mobile …my camera broke :slight_smile:

i am quite satisfied withth success, 3 days before the end of the diet

and another one … i hope they are ‘presentable’

So the diet phase 1 is officially over - 4 weeks of shakes,lots of NEPAs and very little in solid foods

The success however is great when it comes to numbers: I went from a starting weight of 78.6kg to now 71.3 - that is more than I anticipated. Furthermore the picture in the mirror looks much better than at the start and I begin to beleive that with more muscle build up and good foods I can reach my goal of seeing a six pack maybe end of this year … I will definitly try that

The diet was not harder or easier than the first time but it again took quite some willpower not to go into the food shops along the way or just filling up on unhealthy stuff. Also shakes with water will never be my favourite food :slight_smile: However in the transition weeks I guess they still will stay with me for quite a few meals, but after the 4 weeks I just accomplished I feel that I can finish as well

So thanks all of you for your support and help and inspiration



Way to go! Looking forward to hearing about your journey through the transition phases, too. Keep tracking those results - you’re doing awesome.

do not under estimate your results…you completly lost the love handles.something i though impossible


so I am well into the transition phase now and I really enjoy the solid food. And it is true, I watch much more closely what I eat and how the composition of the nutrients of the meals over the day corelate. It is also lots of fun since, even though I do eat solid meals now, I still (albeit slowly) lose a little more weight. Today I weighed in at 70.4 kg which for me is the weight I had about 15 years back!

As to my success I really am very happy with the diet(again) :slight_smile:

Due to my injury (broken wrist) I have not had the opportunity to do much gym training (except rehab of the writs) but I am really looking forward to start this in the coming weeks. And leg exercises for instance will work well without impacting the wrist

So again I can’t really thank you guys enough for the support and all the information you share on this site. This community is awsome!!! Even though I never will be a real athlete or bodybuilder there is so much inspiration here.

Take care and all the best whishes to you all on you diets, programs etc. from Shanghai


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