V-Diet 2nd Go


On my first V-Diet, I dropped 17lbs. From 217 to 200. I loved how small I was, but I still had that stubborn fat around my mid section. I couldn’t complete the Phase-2 part of the program because I was in an accident at work that left me unable to lift or grip anything. Now that I’m healed, and it’s been a month, I’d like to take another whack at the V-Diet now that I know what to expect and what I should have done the first time to drop even more fat.

This is my question: Would it be alright if I put 185 in the V-Diet Calculator?

That’s my goal weight and one I know I can achieve. I’ve been down to 180 before and have felt even better being physically smaller and stronger. Now I fluctuate between 200 and 205 with the food I eat in which I include 2-3 shakes a day to stomp any cravings.

But would it be alright if I place the weight I’d like to be? Or should I place 200lbs in the V-Diet calculator?

The only difference I see is that there’s one scoop of protein shake missing throughout the day than when I started at 217.


You’re really only looking at about a 100 calorie per day difference. That actually falls into what I think of as the “wiggle room” area of the V-Diet: about 1 scoop of protein per day.

So you could put in current weight (which is what I recommend) then drop 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive if you feel you need fewer calories. Just remember, we don’t want to drop cals too low are you may risk muscle loss, etc.

You could also adjust this after one week based on week #1 results.

Dually Noted. Thanks Chris!

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