V-Diet 2nd Go-Round (Starting 4/27/09)

I’ve decided to start up another V-Diet. My first V-Diet was done last summer, but only went on for 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks however, I managed to lose around 10 lbs and inches from everywhere while getting stronger. I was pretty happy.

I’ve got a couple more weeks before summer, but as this is a 4 week program, I figure that I will get started again quite soon. It is easier for me to do the diet now beacuse my schedule is so busy, I really do not have much time to think about food as it is.

My stats (as of 4/26/09)

Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5’10’'
Age: 17

Bench: 250
Squat: 345 (probably higher now)
Dead: 420

I am going to be creative with the training. I am currently doing the Madcow 5x5 program, but will incorporate V-Diet techniques into my workout. We will be finishing up our baseball season for half of this journey (in this crazy heat), so that should knock out NEPA right there. Basically I am doing this diet for the discipline. If the calories are below maintenance, you will lose, and there really isn’t any more to it.

Pics and bodily measurements are to come within the next 2 hours or so… just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to start this thread for tomorrow.


waist: 38.5
butt: 41.5
L thigh: 24.5
R thigh: 24.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 15
chest @ nipples: 42.25
belly button: 38.5
shoulders: 49.25
R arm (held out straight unflexed to side): 13
L arm (held out straight unflexed to side): 13
neck: 15

Shit, I just realized that I am sorta fat.

unflexed blah


side unflexed

side flexed

back unflexed

back ‘flexed’ (dont really know how to properly)

back double bi for fun

front double bi for fun

Hope you have fun with all this info…

Check in, sub up, and take the journey with me!

I’ll see you all in 28 days, perhaps we will all be just a little ‘different.’ =)

Day 1

No problem really. I am out of the house from 7:30 in the morning to about 7:30 at night, and it seems like a breeze. I am just going to list the shakes, constantly listing the pills gets annoying after awhile.

2 scoop shake at 7:15
1 tbsp PB at 7:15
2 scoop shake at 11:45
1 scoop shake at 3:00
2 scoop shake at 8:00
1 scoop shake somewhere around 10:00

List the rest in a bit, gotta go get some work done. Not hungry at all though. I remember from last year that it will start hitting soon within the week, but I’m ready for it… hell I do have to look at my beginning pictures every time I go to post in this thread. I have my motivation.

Oh, and does anyone know how much of a
bodyfat % one, on average, will have lost upon completion of the V-Diet? I would say I am in the low 20s low (fuuuuuu), and I would like to get around 15 or even lower (within the realm of possibility?) I will continue to lift hard, and my lifts will go up.

Day 2

Fine. Not really hungry at all. IT was hot today though, so I can at least complain about something.

But I really do feel fine, even 1000 or so calories below my maintenance.

I am going to lift now starting week 3 of madcow.

top lifts for this workout will be
squat 305x5
bench 200x5
row 190x5

not overly impressive, but this is still the initial phase of the program. once we get to weeks 5,6,7 and so on, I should be hitting PRs every week.

Can’t forget my Surge!

Well… bench and rows felt like cake, but my legs felt a little bit shaky. For some reason my bad knees felt even worse today, but I got through it no problem.

Looking forward to day 3.

Stopping in just to say that I’ve got no cravings once again today…

Day 3

feeling fine. ready for day 4 tomorrow.

I’m feeling perhaps some pseudo leanness, but I really have a long way to go.

Day 4

I feel good today. I am having a much easier time with the diet this time around. I think I look better, and one of my friends commented to me today, “getting the physique back I see…” (I had been looking pretty good after my last V-Diet, and the subsequent weeks of HST training…)

So slowly but surely, I’m working.

Workout I did today was

145x5, 185x5, 225x5, 225x5 SQUATS (light day)

225x5, 275x5, 325x5, 365x5 DEADLIFTS

135x5, 135x5, 145x5, 175x5 INCLINE BENCH

I love the Wednesday Starr workouts <3

Day 6

Going to workout now.

top lifts will be

bench: 205x5
squat: 305x5
row: 195x5

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