V-Diet 2nd Cycle or Break?

Hi Chris,

The diet lasts 28 days and a further 2 transition weeks. What happens if I am still unable to attain my bodyfat and composition goals (9-12%) at the end of it? Do I take a break and for how long before starting another cycle or can I just continue with another 28dayd + 2wks transition again?

Also with regards to the workouts. Its stated a strength workout every other day plus a bodyweight challenge at the end of the week. So far ive been compliant. What happens if I go more than 2-3 days in between workouts due to a busy schedule or travel plans? Do I need need to tweak the shakes, daily caloric intake or NEPAs? Will this derail the plan and targets set?

  1. I suggest putting a few weeks of normal “clean” eating – all HSMs and a Metabolic Drive shake when needed – before jumping into the full V-Diet again. I’d suggest using some Predator Conditioning during that time:

  2. Obviously less training and missed workouts will slow things down. It’s not the end of the world of course as diet alone can get rid of excess body fat, just not optimal. On non-workout days you skip the Surge drink of course since it’s only for lifting sessions; that will naturally adjust the calories to make up for the missed training. If you can fit in extra NEPA on those days or add longer sessions at other times, more NEPA never hurts, as long as it doesn’t turn into long distance cardio.

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