V-Diet #2 - Two Years Later

Hello all. Started the V-Diet today for the second time.

The first time I did the diet was two years ago when I was in college. I went to school for Criminal Investigations, BT. On my last year I decided that if I was going to be a cop I needed to get in shape. So I started the V-Diet.

I’m 5’9" and at the time weighed 280lbs. I stuck with the diet and lost about 20 lbs. I have continued to lose weight albeit a little slower. Since I graduated college the economy tanked and the job I interned for froze hiring so i lost that chance.

I got a job as a construction laborer. I gained and lost weight throughout the two years but overall saw a steady decline. However I did neglect training in all forms.

So now I have been eating much healthier lately, and started running etc. To try and prepare myself for the physical requirements of a law enforcement job, or military. I weigh 209 lbs as of today. This is what is holding me back from a better life, being out of shape. It is time for me to train my ass off and get the good job.

My brother bought all the stuff to do the V-Diet and then the shakes made him sick to his stomach. He just couldn’t keep them down. He offered to sell me the stuff at a little discount instead of wasting it. Sorry it didn’t work out for him, but good opportunity for me.

Anyway joined the gym today and started with the beginner program as it has been about 1.5 years since I lifted.(I know shame on me)

As stated I am a construction laborer so I don’t know how the high physical activity is going to affect this diet. But feel pretty good after the first day. I walked about 4 miles today pushing lab equipment for IBM.(Time and Materials job moving a lab from one building to another) Some of the tools weigh about 500 lbs or so. They are on casters but the floor is carpet adding resistance.

4 am Wake take HOT-ROX 2 caps. Took 2 last time I was on diet didn’t affect me much. Holy crap 75 lbs makes a huge difference. Only going to take one tomorrow morning.

4:45 am Breakfast shake. 1 Flameout.

9 am second shake 1 Flameout

11 am One HOT-ROX cap. Much better.

12:15 Lunch shake. 1 Flameout

3:15 dinner shake 1 Flameout

4:30pm workout

5pm Surge

Will have bedtime shake about 7:30-8pm as I go to bed between 9-9:30pm

Workout 1

DB squat 60lbs
4 sets 9 reps 1 set 4 reps 45 sec rest

DB bench 40 lbs
5 sets 8 reps 45 secs of rest

Bent over db row 40 lbs
5 sets 8 reps 45 secs of rest

plank hold
1 rep 45 secs
1 rep 35 secs
Not sure how many reps I should be doing on this? Some one have an answer.

Light but like I said haven’t lifted in a while and was focusing on form too.

Weight=209 lbs

Height=5’9" or 69"

Neck= 15 3/4 "

Shoulders= 50"

Chest Upper= 44"

Chest lower= 41"

Waist at navel= 38 1/2"

Waist at largest= 40 1/2 "

Hips at largest= 43 "

Upper arm L = 14 3/4"

Upper arm R= 15"

Upper leg L= 25 "

Upper leg R= 25 1/4"

Calf L= 17 1/4"

Calf R= 16 3/4 "

Ankle L= 10 1/4 "

Ankle R= 10"

I did take before photos but will wait to post until my 28 days is done and have after photos as well.

Measurements were taken by girlfriend with seamstress tape.

Oh, by the way I HATE FLAX SEED. Makes me gag every time I drink that shake. The rest aren’t too bad though.

Any suggestions on how to alleviate this?

Welcome Bravejus…good luck.

I blend my shake with ice, thats about the only way I can stand the Flax.

Accidentally double posted…Can I ask why you arent taking pictures for the beginning, or atleast posting them?

I did take pics but waiting till I get afters to post at the same time. Will try the ice in the am thanks for the tip.

[quote]Bravejus2002 wrote:
Oh, by the way I HATE FLAX SEED. Makes me gag every time I drink that shake. The rest aren’t too bad though.

Any suggestions on how to alleviate this?[/quote]

cinnamon…it makes everything better…really I’ve put it on steak and have loved it. Try blending it in and you’ll get a good flavor mix

Today went pretty well other than the massive migraine headache all day. Best I can figure is it is from carb depletion.

Walked about 2.5 miles at work.

Walked a leisurely 2 miles with the girlfriend after work.

Thanks johnson for the Ice tip. Made the flax shakes much more tolerable, at least I din’t gag.

Haven’t tried the cinnamon yet. Forgot to buy some.

Actually was hungry today. But was probably because of the smell of food from the cafeteria at work.

RDL 4 sets 15 95 lbs

Both pulldowns were being used. Used the Nautilus Super pullover
3 sets 12
1 set 14 100lbs

Shoulder press
3 sets of 14
1 set 8 45 lbs

side plank 30 seconds per side.

More walking at work. But a lot less. About 2.0 miles today.

Weighed myself on the same scale as Monday 206.5 lbs. This was out of curiosity 2.5 lb difference. But will wait till friday for official weekly measurements.

Having kind of difficult time with bedtime shake as it calls for 24 oz water and 3 scoops. Ends up being about 32 oz. I have a hard time finishing it. Then i have to pee 3 times during the night, which cuts in on the sleep.

Also felt slightly light headed today for a couple of hours. Maybe doing to much at work physically for this diet. But will continue. Failure is not an option.

Feeling pretty good today. Completed the work and kinda thinking of what to have for HSM tomorrow. Time to check out the HSM thread.

Also lost 5 lbs since monday.

Did the v-burn on saturday, holy crap. Finished in 32 minutes. However I can’t seem to go out as far on the hand walkouts as the guy in the vid. I just go as far as possible without collapsing and then return to start position. Heart rate felt pretty high but in a good way for me.

Had an 11oz sirloin steak with brown rice and broccoli for HSM. Seasoned the steak with minced onion, a half serving of montreal steak seasoning(to keep sodium down), and some chopped fresh garlic. Put some of the left over chopped garlic in with the broccoli and rice, then drizzled with a serving of olive oil. MMM good.

Sunday did the shakes and walked for NEPA.

Now monday with a start to week 2 or day 8.

Okay so been slacking on the log. But making good progress on the diet. In general been feeling much better.

But because of all the extra time not eating, plus the extra energy, I have been out doing stuff instead of browsing the net. So I guess its a good thing.

Only had a hard time last night because my girlfriend was having banquet chicken and it smelled so good. But I got over the smell about 10 minutes later. I told her we weren’t going to buy anymore of that but to use up the box so it is not wasted, money is money after all.

On an unrelated note trading in my uncomfy 2008 Yaris for a 2010 corolla s. Much more comfy and got almost an even trade cause toyota’s name is shit right now. But I still need the gas mileage have to commute 120 miles per day.

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