V-Diet 11/12/09 Mogorlin's Start

After watching a video of myself at the firing range, I realized just how bad I had let myself go again. At my heaviest I have been 260, and worked myself down to 220 over the past two years, but recently gained about 15 lbs in a month out of depression. Its time to get serious and stop being a lazy fatass, and make a drastic change in lifestyle.

I am really hoping to get out of the trend of fast food and junk foods to make myself feel better after a big disappointment, so between this and therapy I hope to see drastic improvements.

Here are the stats:
Age: 24
Height 71
Weight 236.0
Neck 17
Shoulders 17
Chest - Upper 46
Chest - Lower 44
Waist - at Navel 44
Waist - at largest 48
Hips - at largest 44
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 13
Upper Leg - L 26.75
Upper Leg - R 27
Lower Leg - L 16.25
Lower Leg - R 16.5
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9.25

I need the accountability of the forums, and the willpower to stay away from free food and alcohol at the restaurant I bartend at. Thanks for stopping by, and here is the current form.

Glad to have you here! always tough to work around food/drink when dieting, but it’s doable with a little planning.

Always remember, somewhere there’s a working mom of 4 who’s kicking ass on the V-Diet. If that’s not motivation, then remember the men and women in our military who are doing the V-Diet to the “T” while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. If they can do it, so can you in your much easier situation!

Thanks for the words Chris. I will keep them in mind when I have those late night cravings. My friend Rex who is active duty Marine Corp kicked ass while in Iraq on this, so I have no excuse. I was really nervous about the superfood in the shake, but I actually really enjoy the flavor of it. On to my workout!

Day 1 workout a success.

Warmed up with some rigorous stretches and some body weight squats to get my knees and hip flexors warmed-up.

Dumbbell Squats - 40- 55lbs

Dumbbell Benchpress - 40- 25x2
Needed to increase the weight on these for next time.

Bentover Row (Barbell) - 40- 65lbs

Root of all evil as always. R1- 52 seconds R2- 31 seconds

Good first day so far, but the hard part will be when I go in to work tonight.

Day 1 was a success. I could look at the allure of free pizzas and beer and just drink my chocolate shake. I did get the look of craziness when my coworkers saw me make shakes 3 different times through the night. Day 2 is mid way, and sorta hungry, but manageable.

Day 3,

Worked the lunch shift today, and tons of heavy lifting. Changing kegs around in our cooler really wore me out. Worked a solid 5 hours, and then hit the gym. Went a little too heavy on the deadlifts, so it took me 9 sets to finish. Now about to have my dinner shake, and go to a concert.

Good job! Keep doing the workouts and rocking the shakes and you will have results. Rock the concert.

Day 7, and weighed in today. I am at 228.7, so I have dropped 7.3 lbs. I am pretty excited at this point about my HSM. I think I am going to go with Yellowtail sashimi with a nice spinach salad and some blueberries.

I have been really busy between opening a new restaurant and working out but things seem to be getting normal again. The cravings are pretty much gone for the horrible foods that I used to eat nightly, and the stable routine of food actually helps with a packed lunch and dinner service. Currently I am 219.1 and I am feeling great about this program.

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